10 hobbies that the hottest Indian men would pick up in 2017

December 31, 2016 |

You could be that couch potato who has spent the last day of the year playing video games or the man who took her woman out on a special dance date or the guy who got drunk in a house party while dancing on trance music. Whoever you are, the one thing that needs to change this year, is reducing social media time and filling that time with constructive hobbies that would add a zing to your hotness. Now who doesn’t want that?
LetsShave brings you the ultimate 10 hobbies that Indian men can easily pursue in 2017.

1. Lockpicking
Sounds like fun? Boy it sure is. It’s an incredibly useful trait in emergencies. This hobby gives you the power to out-maneuver the lock mechanism – which itself is quite a high.
Because it saves you the hassle of calling a locksmith – the field that hasn’t found a lot of startup aggregators to help you out and to impress your girl.

2. Barbecuing
There’s something very sexy about guys who love to cook under the open skies aka barbeque. Good cook or not but if you know how to fire up a hearty piece of paneer or meat and serve it nicely, it’s an asset.
You get the reputation of the official party guy who knows how to throw awesome parties. Besides, it’s seriously fun.

3. Camping
While yeah, you have Decathlon or Nike’s seriously good camping gear easily available on the internet, you still need to organize a camping trip with friends. You can easily pick up this hobby on weekends and do two trips in a month near your city.
You get a chance to go out of your cubicle life and connect with nature. Breathing fresh air sitting around a campfire does good to your soul.

4. Coffee roasting
Never mind wine tasting that’s more expensive, coffee roasting is now a hobby that can easily be cultivated. You can order your own personalized equipment online in India, read about roasting or watch Youtubers and master this skill.
Coffee roasting involves all of your senses, your mind and a bit of knowledge. It’s a great mental exercise while giving you the ultimate high of making your own cuppa Joe.

5. Play football with kids
Find kids in your township, apartment or colony and join them for a football game on weekends. Be their coach and motivate them with stories of great footballers. This is especially fun during monsoons. You could be a nerd or a meathead, kids would never say no when a grown-up offers to play with them.
Being with kids and that too in a contact-sports environment brings in a positive inspiration in your life. You learn leadership as well as team-play quite naturally.

6. Learning a foreign language
Add one more language to your communication this year. It does take time but there’s nothing more charming than a man knowing French or Spanish words.
You get to crack jokes in the language people don’t understand here. But most importantly, picking up a new language enhances your mental faculties.

7. Volunteering
Selfishness ultimately cankers your soul. So if you are someone who sticks too much on his time and resources, let 2017 be the year of shedding this baggage. Volunteer for a cause you most feel about. It could be volunteering in an old-age home or an orphanage or simply running marathons for supporting a cause.
Men who volunteer develop a great sense of empathy for others, they become better listeners and find their life more fulfilling. Their manly trait of protecting comes to the shore.

8. Focus photography
You could be that friendzoned guy who is called each time by his pretty female friend when she needs a stunning portrait. Or you may have never picked up a DSLR before. Regardless, it’s time to focus on one specific field of photography – objects, portraits, landscapes, birds, children – you name it. The possibilities are endless.
Focused photography would compel you to know that niche more deeply. You will pick important pieces of knowledge about both your field of focus and photography in general.

9. Cycling/running
Going to the gym is great but the most natural way to tone your body is by exercises such as cycling, running or swimming. If you take it up as a fitness regime, you may drop out. Make it a serious hobby where you read about these exercises, use smart watches to monitor progress and challenge friends to do the same.
Do you know a better hobby that kills two birds (fitness and hobby) in one stone?

10. Gardening
Whether you live in an apartment or an independent bungalow, gardening is not only possible, it is enjoyable. Women admire men who put their heart and soul into nourishing saplings.
When you watch your plants grow, you will find yourself more in tune with the seasons and changes in weather. You get a great sense of accomplishment when your plants start to fruit.
We know you are busy today with corporate jobs or startups, in parenting or over the Internet. But losing out on hobbies may impair your growth and development. It may strip you off of the best joys in life. Don’t lost out on this. Pick a hobby today.