10 Signs you’re shaving the wrong way

July 30, 2016 |

Shaving is not what you are taught at school; as a result, most of us end up getting it wrong. But did you ever witness that you have been simply inviting annoying shaving problems all this while when you can completely avoid them

We all moan about razor burns, nicks and cuts, ingrown hair, razor bumps and what not. What we don’t understand is that they may be virtually not important. These problems are caused due to improper methods of shaving techniques that we imply.

Just take few precautions and you may definitely forget what a razor bump or ingrown hair means.

1. Dry shaving is the biggest mistake:

The best way to shave is after a nice refreshing shower. Pores need to be widely open for a smooth shave that minimizes skin inflammation; hot shower relaxes the pores on your skin, as well as making the hair nice and soft, allowing the blade to drift seamlessly across your body giving you an effortless shave. Dry shaving is a repeated mistake people tend to make. Dry hairs are more difficult to cut through. Hydrating skin and hair with warm water, prior to shaving makes them soften and as a result, easy to cut.

2. Not exfoliating before applying shaving foam:

People generally tend to skip exfoliation of skin with an easy argument that shaving is itself an act of exfoliation. This is a wrong assumption. The dead skin cells can hinder the path of the blades and accumulate on it to provide unnecessary friction. This regularly reasons irritation and razor burns. Know that exfoliating before shaving will make shaving more comfortable and also prevent razor burn, not only this it also increases the blood flow.

3. Using soap instead of shaving cream:

Soap washes away all the necessary oil from the body, leaving the body dry. On the other hand, shaving gels and foams have moisturizing properties which will leave the skin silky smooth. Another advantage is an easy tracing of the shaved path while using shaving foam.

4. Shaving against the grain in the first stroke:

Whilst you may think that shaving against the grain gives you a better shave, it’s bad for the skin to do it first stroke and reasons ingrown hairs. Shave in the same path your hair grows. If, after that, you feel you continue to need a more in-depth shave, re-lather, and then gently shave in opposition to the grain.

5. Shaving in a hurry:

That’s the worst mistake to make. Shaving requires time and patience. The actual essence of an ideal shave lies inside the time committed for it. You don’t need to spend the complete day inside the tub however at the least, take time for proper preparation of the skin, for a smooth shave.

6. Using someone else’s razor:

Razors and blades must be selected that compliments your skin type. To get a close shave, you must use a pointy blade, so replace your blade after 5 to 10 shave’s for the best outcomes. LetsShave offers a common docking system for all its blade cartridges so you can attempt all blade structures before deciding on the exceptional proper for you.

7. Using fingers instead of shaving brush:

Are your fingers genuinely enough to lather up? A Shaving brush is designed to boost hair which makes the job of razor much easier, a shaving brush also offers you a more in-depth shave that lasts longer and it has that old school shaving appeal. Without shaving brush, the hair will stick to the skin and require more strokes to cut them off. A Shaving brush also gently exfoliates your skin which removes the dead skin cells making your skin look healthy.

8. Dragging blades beyond their life:

Of course, money is of utmost importance and valuable, but does that mean you’ll take all those nicks, cuts and razor burns which are the caused due to a dull razor. You sure don’t need this at all. Change blades regularly for a comfortable and smooth shave. To get a close shave, you must always use a sharp blade, and replace your blade after every five to ten shaves for the best results.

9. Barber’s shave is a waste:

Professional help once in a while won’t harm, would it? Go to a salon, relax and enjoy the joy of a soothing shave once in a while.

10. Not moisturising after shave:

EVERYONE DOES! Be it, men or women, both gender skin demands nourishment and extra pampering. After shaving, your stubble can be very irritating and poky. Moisturizing helps in softening the stubble. Moisturizing your skin after the shave will keep the irritation and redness at bay making your skin extra soft.