10 Simple Rules to Look Great Without Makeup

February 3, 2017 |

Party tonight? I have got the right foundation that looks natural on my face. Last-minute date plans? There’s the BB cream. What about those laid-back Sunday mornings when you are lounging around in your lawn and he turns up to surprise you? Or those precious after-mornings when he sees you intertwined in the bed close enough to see your pores? Face it today, make-up is a quick-fix not a way of life. But if you incorporate some simple rules in your daily care, you won’t need to brace up for occasions. Here goes our list:

1. Take care of your facial hair

1-Take care of your facial hair
Overgrown eyebrows and forehead, upper lip, lower lip hair look really bad on your face. So get them trimmed as and when required. Since eyes are the center of attention on your face, make sure your brows are rightly trimmed as per your face. LetsShave has an extremely easy way to trim your brows. Nothing compliments your eyes better than an arched brow. For growing thick and dark brows, applying a mixture of castor oil and almond oil is really effective. Let a clear skin emerge beneath the hair.


2. Whiten your teeth

2-Whiten your teeth
According to a study by the University of Leeds featured on Business Insider, pearly white teeth indicate a good health and attract more people. You don’t want others to roll their eyes seeing your pale teeth. Rub the inside of a banana peel on alternate days or a mixture of baking soda and salt weekly on your teeth and see the results instantly.

3. Moisturize your lips well

3-Moisturize your lips well
No matter which time of the year it is, always moisturize your lips with a lip balm or olive oil. For lightening, gently rub a mixture of lemon juice, honey and sugar on your lips using your fingers. The exfoliating property of sugar removes dead skin. Similarly, the antimicrobial property of lemon juice does the lightening while honey helps in softening.

4. Accentuate your eyes

4-Accentuate your eyes
Let your eyes look healthy and happy. Reduce the puffiness by keeping a cotton ball dabbed in cucumber over the eyelids. Get rid of the dark circles by daily massaging castor oil in a circular motion on the affected area before going to bed. Have a daily regimen of giving the eyes some spa. This would mean keep tea bag soaked in hot water. Dab a cotton ball after the water has cooled down and keep on your lids for 5 minutes before sleeping.

5. Stay hydrated

5-Stay hydrated
Drinking 2-litre water daily can free you from applying layers of concealer, compact powder or foundation. Water would naturally give you a shiny skin and help hiding blemishes. An article by the University of Wisconsin-Madison confirms that drinking plenty of water can actually help your skin gain a natural glow and freshness. It delays the process of wrinkle formation and removes toxins from your body reducing the chances for pimples and other allergies.

6. Exfoliate your skin periodically

6-Exfoliate your skin periodically
The continuous exposure to sunlight and pollution accumulates dirt and bacteria inside your skin pores which need to be cleaned from time to time. Masking with a blended mixture of oatmeal, powdered cinnamon, and honey or baking soda plus water does great exfoliating.

7. Pick a hairstyle that suits your personality

7-Pick a hairstyle that suits your personality
It’s very important that you choose the right hairstyle for yourself. When you keep experimenting with hairstyles, you give your beauty much variety. Note that different face shapes, hair lengths, outfits, and occasions call for certain types of hairdos. While buns look well on most of the people and are trending these days, a loosely braided side ponytail also suits almost all dresses and occasions.

8. Choose your dresses smartly

8-Choose your dresses smartly
This is really a game-changer. Identify which type (length, color, fitting etc.) of outfits suit you best. For example, people with a pink undertone of skin should prefer blue, blue-tinted greens, violets and pinks. Whereas yellow-tinted greens, red-tinted violets, coppers, off-whites etc. go better with warm toned skin.

9. Wear a wisely chosen piece of accessory

9-Wear a wisely chosen piece of accessory
Wearing glasses that complement the shape of your face, a neck-piece with a deep necked top or wrapping a lovely silk scarf around your neck can add to the overall appearance. Sometimes not putting on any makeup but wearing a dazzling pair of earrings enhances your look more than anything else.

10. Reconsider your diet

10-Reconsider your diet
The health of your skin directly depends on your food intake. Seeds, nuts, vegetable oils are rich in Vitamin E, Carotene, and fatty acids and fight against free radicals. Being healthy on the inside makes you look healthier and prettier outside. Hungry much? Snack on sprouts, cucumber, tomato or nuts.

But how do you follow these simple rules effortlessly? By taking up one thing at a time. Start out with replacing spicy food when you are hungry with sprouts or nuts. Next, get a change of wardrobe followed by a simple skin care regime just before going to bath or at night. Gradually incorporating these rules in your routine would not feel like hard work and before you know it, you would have embraced them in your life. Good luck.