These 10 successful people would give you some serious breakfast goals

November 19, 2016 |

Toast, omelette, coffee…? What new can you do to a breakfast? Here’s what the deal is. It’s not about new, it’s about consistency. Don’t believe us? Some of world’s successful people happen to have almost similar breakfast every single day. That doesn’t mean they don’t like their breakfast. It, in fact, implies they take a nice breakfast quite seriously for fitness benefits. Let’s look at what these 10 highly successful people prefer/preferred for breakfast.

World’s most powerful man starts the day with a power-packed breakfast


President Barack Obama is one of the most powerful and followed men. So how does he start his day? He usually eats four to six eggs, potatoes, and wheat toast, and every now and then fruit, bacon, and oatmeal.

Sachin Tendulkar’s triple helping


For breakfast, this legendary cricketer has big bowl of porridge + 200ml milk + water with a tsp of sucrose and raisins and 250ml fresh fruit juice or Tea/coffee. Then after workout he prefers 25g whey protein powder and sandwich with part of grilled fish or low fat soft cheese with fruits.

John Mackey (founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market) drinks green smoothies


A well-known healthy eater, Mackey makes a smoothie every morning. It includes almond, oat, rice, or soy milk, fresh fruit, and kale or spinach leaves, he tells The New York Times.

Michael Phelps makes the most of breakfast


The man with the most Olympic medals, swimmer Michael Phelps, makes the most of his breakfast. He opts for a large bowl of porridge, a large omelette with ham and cheese, fresh fruit and coffee.

Tom Cruise’s choice of breakfast


Frequently stated as the world’s most handsome man, Mr. Cruise opts for a high protein and high fibre diet. His breakfast includes 4 eggs white or egg omelette for energy. He also has avocado and orange slices in breakfast. After breakfast, cruise likes to take small amount of mixed nuts and Apple slices which are high-fibre things.

Serena William’s just out of necessity breakfast


Even though the tennis heartthrob does not like eating breakfast, she understands the importance it has in a healthy lifestyle. Muesli is her most preferred food in the morning. She always combines proteins and carbs in her pre-match meal such as a turkey sausage with baked potato. She avoids playing on an empty stomach. And we know who wins next.

Anil Ambani’s vegetarian start to the morning


Reliance ADA Group’s chairman and one of world’s billionaires Anil Ambani gets up at 5.00 am, jogs till 6.30 am, (approx 18 kms) and begins his day with a banana and some cereals washed down with protein milk at 8.00 am.

Winston Churchill always ate a hearty morning meal of eggs, meat, and toast


Britain’s beloved Prime Minister loved a big breakfast, which included a poached egg, toast, jam, cold meats, grapefruit — and whiskey soda. In a slightly eccentric bent, he preferred his meal to be brought on two trays. On the first tray, Churchill wanted the poached egg, toast, jam, butter, coffee and milk, jug of cold milk, and cold chicken or other meats. On the second tray, he liked his grapefruit, sugar bowl, glass of orange squash, and a whisky soda. After eating, he would wash his hands and smoke a morning cigar.

Justin Timberlake follows a two-meal breakfast


The first of Justin’s two-meal breakfast contains waffles with flax and almond butter and a scrambled egg. His workouts are followed by another egg or a protein shake. “I mostly work out so I can eat religiously,” he often says.

The less choosy Priyanka Chopra


Pizzas, pujo treats, buttery parathas to eggs and bacon; she eats it all. The on-screen undercover FBI agent in CIA, she covers all the food by hitting the gym and burning everything extra to look gorgeous.

Looks like the long road to success starts with a powerful breakfast.