10 Things you should never do to your hair

August 2, 2016 |

If you want flawless hair, then you need to forestall treating your hair badly. Just by protecting your hair from punishments you can automatically make your hair go from DRAB TO FAB.

Know these 10 things that you need to by no means do on your own hair and get the hair you dream for:

#1 – Excessive Combing

Combing your hair excessively is the most harmful thing. Over brushing can cause split ends and make your hair thinner. Instead, you should use your hands more rather than using a combing brush every time you need to do something to your hairs.

#2 – Over shampooing

The primary objective of a shampoo is to put off the oil from the scalp but did you know that excessive washing of hairs will lose its natural moisture too which will make leave your hair a lot drier and more prone to breakage. Avoid shampooing more than twice a week and try not to change your choice of shampoo very often.

#3 – Taking Hot Shower

Hot shower dehydrates the hair strands, making them dry and brittle and can also reason hair fall. It soaks all the natural moisture from the hair. Instead of a hot shower, opt for a shower with warm water.

#4 – Drying hairs roughly with towel

You should never ever do this; wet hairs are weaker and fragile as compared to dry hairs. Towel drying your hairs kind of can harm the hair making them more at risk of damage. You can use a towel made out of microfiber as it won’t cause much damage to your hair. Another way is to air dry your hairs; air drying does not subject the hair to excessive heat and reduces the risk of damage.

#5 – Not using conditioner

Not using a conditioner after shampooing your hairs can make your hair go from fab to drab. You are lacking out on hair benefits with the aid of skipping this step. Well, you should keep in mind that the conditioner is not for your head scalp, it should only be used at the tips of the hair. Condition plays an important role as it protects the hair from damage and helps in the growth of hair.

#6 – No haircut or trim

Most of the women are obsessed with long hairs these days which keeps them distanced from the salon.  A trim or a haircut once a while is indeed required to keep away from split ends. You should at least get a trim if not haircut every 6 weeks.

#7 – Making tight hairstyles

Making tight hairstyles are on a regular basis is not good for the hairs. Tight hairstyle causes pressure on the hair making them fragile which can damage and prevent the growth of the hairs. Try not to make extra tight hairstyle every day rather opt for some light and lose ones.

#8 – Excessive use of heat

You should not use hot styling tools very often. It can disturb the balance of your hair and cause great damage to them. In case it is very important to use a styling tool like straightener or blow dryer, make sure you apply heat protection spray before bringing your hairs in contact with direct heat. At least it will protect your hairs from major damage.

#9 – Poor diet

A poor diet can have a major impact on your hairs. If you don’t take enough protein in your diet you are not only affecting your skin but hairs as well. Hair is primarily made of protein , so it needs a good amount of proteins to make them look and feel healthy and shinier. Note that chia seeds can prove to be very fruitful for hair.

#10 – Coloring hair at home

Well, this is a big NO – NO. Every woman is obsessed with trying different hair colors every now then. It looks great but no one is aware of the amount of damage it can cause.  Hair colors contain chemicals which can cause a lot of damage to the hairs. It can totally change the real structure of the hair. Your hairs are naturally gorgeous, aren’t they? If coloring your grays is really important try not coloring more than twice a year.

Skip all these things that can cause damage to the hairs and make your hairs healthier and shinier.