10 Tips to be IRRESISTIBLY likeable at work

November 16, 2016 |


Admit it, you like to be liked. And where you spend more than half of your day, it becomes even more necessary. And while men don’t show it, the feeling of being liked is intense at workplaces. Even the most charming guy in the office cannot get it right all the time and needs to spice things up a little once in a while. That’s because likeability is fleeting yet takes enormous amount of care, especially at workplace which resembles sometimes a warfront, other times a battlefield and a few times a fun playground.
So, what’s the secret ingredient? Which is that magic potion of likeability? Good news is we have got the concoction ready for you. You just need to take a dose:

1. Be presentable – For different domains of work, there are different ways to present yourself. So, for instance if it’s a design firm, a fashion house or a media house, a little experiment with your clothing wouldn’t hurt. But make sure you don’t overdo it. It is important that you appear like you belong here. Or chuck all the rules and create a style statement that’s not offensive.

2. Outsmart time – There is nothing more admirable than being punctual. People like men who are strict with their time commitments. Women colleagues adjust their timing for a more punctual co-worker. Even clients, before assigning you responsibilities, make sure that you adhere to deadlines. This helps generate a trust and create a bond that is honest and worth the time.

3. Be proactive – Being proactive towards helping others will help your reputation a great deal. If you see someone in a fix, whether you know them or not, try to see if there is anything you can do for them in a problem situation. This will always let people to turn to you when looking for solutions and return the favor whenever required.

4. Participate – Various activities may go on at your workplace at times. Always be ready to participate or volunteer. People follow men who show inclination to take challenges and, irrespective of the outcome, are always ready to take things up and participate.

5. Share – Sharing is a very small gesture but it makes a huge impact. It may be as small as sharing your food at lunch table so your colleagues feel closer to you. If there is some occasion at your home, doing a small celebration with office colleagues also ups your likeability quotient.

6. Say no to your phone – In today’s times, the ability to ditch phone for a hearty conversation, is a quality. Ensure you are not known for ‘he is always on phone man’. Giving full attention to tasks at hand and people around you goes far in improving your credibility.

7. Be open-minded – There can be a huge difference in how you and others at your office perceive things and handle different tasks. Being open-minded will make you more interesting and approachable. Nobody wants to talk to people who make quick judgements. Be who you are and accept others as who they are.

8. Smile more – Smile earns you goodness dividends without costing anything. Your body language makes a deep impression and if decked up with a smile, can work wonders. People who smile at all times are perceived as patient and intelligent problem solvers. And hence they are looked upon as a source of inspiration.

9. Be an optimist – Handling situation with a positive mind always results in better productivity and at the least satisfaction that you did what could. This quality also beckons a positive personality and creates an aura of positivity around you. Positive people are perceived as being calm, intellectual. Everyone hangs around them.

10. Be consistent – Consistency helps you maintain your blissful demeanor and the positive image. You must be reliable and known to be the same irrespective of your mood going up or down. Don’t let situations test your ethics, instead use them to become better.

Enough said.