13-day runway to Valentine’s Day: Must-keep beauty regimens so you glow on the big day

January 31, 2017 |

We could gladly keep all other festivities and celebrations on one side – and Valentine’s Day alone on the other. A day for love, for lovers, dreamers, romance, togetherness, forevers, promises, dates, kisses, chocolates, gifts and much more. But hey pretty women, are you ready to shine (or even out-shine), glow, radiate, charm, floor and be completely irresistible inside and out? You’re probably already doing the right things as you prepare – just top them off with these “little extras” guaranteed to make you runway-ready in 10-days, just in time for V-Day!

Start practicing your beauty sleep: We totally see your excitement. Your dream may soon become reality and it must be keeping you awake some nights. However, your face and your whole body need their rest and time-out for rejuvenation. Set a “lights-out” time for yourself and follow it uncompromisingly to see the results on your face, your energy levels, your mood and the overall you! It isn’t called “beauty-sleep” for nothing, ladies.

Drink more water, juices: The skin on your face and the rest of your body respond immediately to receiving the right amount of moisture. A glowing complexion is three-quarters adequate hydration – and one quarter TLC. It is as simple and important as that. Keep a measure of the water and liquids you are consuming and fight off dryness, flaking, paleness and a general lack of vitality.

Exchange old skin for new: Skin needs exfoliation in order to grow new cells – not just on your face but also all over your body. You probably already exfoliate your face frequently, but ladies, what if you want to wear a dress that shows some skin? Buy yourself a body scrub and treat your whole body to a gentle scrubbing as you slough off tired and old skin, giving new skin a chance to shine through. Do this twice a week and you will appreciate that lingering smoothness you see and so will your admirers!

Pretty pouts need some devotion: Spend a few minutes every night giving your lips the care they deserve. After all, they are the custodians of your resplendent smile. Daily moisturizing is non-negotiable. Find the balm which repairs and moisturizes your set of lips adequately. A weekly lip-scrub in gentle massaging movements clears off dead and flaking skin to allow soft and supple skin growth. Use lipsticks which treat your lips with special adoration and your lips will pay you back faithfully.

Special care for your crowning glory: You can give your hair a complete makeover in just 10 days with a simple oil-massage-steam-shampoo-condition routine once every two days. This will help control scalp-flaking and dandruff to strengthen the roots and give your hair a healthy bounce. Get that enviable shine! Make sure you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your specific scalp-full of hair. Here’s a little tip: rinse your hair with lemon water.

Take a second look at skin protection: It cannot be said enough, ladies – don’t miss out on sunscreen these last few days. Ensure that you are protected from both UVA and UVB radiation. A broad spectrum sunscreen lotion with a 35+ SPF is advisable. Experts say that most of us make the mistake of going through the day with just one application. Since the effects of sunscreen wear off after 4 hours, experts recommend a second application after a quick wash for best results.

Eat healthy, look fit: Even a 10 day nutrition correction will show results on your skin, if you take up the challenge with commitment. Control your urges to reach for fatty, oily, deep-fried and unwholesome snacks and see breakouts, oily patches, rashes and sallowness slowly but surely reduce and disappear. Sufficient intake of green leafy vegetables, fruits and other healthy meals are the absolute basics to a fit-looking and great-feeling skin and body.

Give your body a regular workout: Even medium-level exercise, if practiced at least thrice a week has dramatic results on both body and mind. A workout of your choice, be it gymming or yoga or just dancing or a vigorous run, work all the way through your body. The sparkle in your eye, the health of your skin, the radiance of your smile and the general health you exude ….aaah! What a sight for all eyes on Valentine’s Day.

Ofcourse, a beauty regimen is more than mere cosmetics and make-up because beauty grows inside out. But if you start working through it now, you will turn up more confident on your big day. You do deserve all the adulation and admiration every day, but more so on this big day. Some extra flowers on Valentine’s Day wouldn’t hurt, would they?