5 gymming mistakes Indian men make and how to fix them?

December 19, 2016 |


Have you been slogging inside the gym but that stubborn fat ain’t going? Most likely, you are not doing it right.
It may be the choice of the wrong technique for exercising or training program for your body, right nutrition chart according to your health, or anything else of the same line. You end up zapping your energy for no results despite maintaining a consistent workout regime. Worse, when things don’t turn out, you lose motivation and drop out. Here are 5 of the most glaringly obvious mistakes that might lead you to huge setbacks in terms of gain. Better to fix them right away!

1. Not focusing on posterior muscle group leading too imbalanced muscles
Many of you exercise vigorously for a long time, even for 6-8 years but do not have a balanced growth of muscles. Ever wondered why? Because you’ve been ignoring the bigger muscle group of your body. You tend to focus only on the mirror body i.e. the chest and biceps without paying much attention to the back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Doing this, only your arms and chest look fit whereas your traps, rear delts, calves, glutes still look flabby.
A simple way to get over this is getting a bit organized and working out according to a whole week-plan. Remember not to ignore the posterior muscles and focus on the weak muscles in the beginning of the week. Of course, no better person to consult than a qualified trainer for customized schedule and proper techniques.

2. Skipping the warm-up
It’s always advised to start and end a workout session with a warm-up. But you often skip it from your schedule and give a way to injuries. Warm-ups are put on the list because they have their own benefits of revving up the cardiovascular system, increasing blood flow to muscles and raising body temperature. So do not try to save your time at the risk of getting injured and resting in bed for weeks.
10-15 minutes of stretching or 15 minutes of cardio including cycling and walking on the treadmill is all you need to do. Doing any exercise that raises your heart rate and helps you break into a light sweat prior to the workout can keep you from the risk of muscle soreness and other injuries.

3. Following others’ training program
Stop copying the workout plan of others at the gym and don’t feel inferior in lifting less weight than them. Understand that they who’re ahead of you would’ve been at the same stage as you are and undoubtedly, you too would be at their stage someday. Metabolisms differs from person to person. Everybody has a different rate of growth and threshold, trying to match others’ is not only pointless but can also adversely affect your correct posture.
Give yourself some time- do not rush. Take advicefrom a trainer and exercise as he plans for you. You need to be patient enough, a great physique has never been an overnight success story.

4. Overdoing the cardio
If you think cardio is the way to get that hot pack of abs, you’re wrong. Running vigorously for two hours without being sure of its benefits is useless. You don’t want to get fed up by doing it consistently without getting the results.
Do proper research on what is required by your body and what suits it well.Take baby steps and then gradually proceed to tough exercises.

5. Not having the correct splits
Many of you sometimes have no direction on what they’re going to do in the gym. Doing squats one second, hamstring curls the next second, and yet another workout the next second- this kind of working out won’t do at all.
Starting on a gym split is hence highly recommended. The workout structure should focus on hitting muscles twice a week and should include mirror as well as well as posterior muscles.
There’s nothing more attractive than a fit body. But be smart. Listen to your body and you will know exactly where you are going wrong.