5 Insider Tips On Moisturizing For Men

April 28, 2017 |

Here’s a world where “macho” is being redefined all round – and for good reasons! Machismo and male magnetism today include a suave, well-rounded, cultured, wild-yet-smooth combination of the rough and tumble with a dash of the “takes-care-of-himself” look. You will agree that there are no substitutes for a well-groomed and neat appearance, right gentlemen? Healthy and firm skin is immediately visible and moisturizing is an important way of maintaining that advantage. Read on for a few helpful hints to remember so you make your mark every single day.

 1. The face is a mirror – That is correct, guys. Your face is an immediate indication of your overall health, the level of hygiene you choose and just how much care you take of yourself. Dry patches, flaking skin or painful skin-tears send out the signals you want to avoid at all costs. And just in case you think it is manly not to be bothered with these details, we unfortunately have to burst that bubble. Dude, do make that trip to the store and select a moisturizer that matches the skin-type of your face. Use at least once every day after a shower, when your face is most receptive to moisturizing – and see the difference!

 2. Please the elbows and knees – The truth is that these joints which enable us to do so many dexterous things, are so often neglected. Imagine wearing your uber-cool batman or superhero t-shirt, your ray-bans and branded shorts, but your elbows revealing a grey patch of cracking skin! You’ve lost the plot right there and no amount of wishful thinking that your elbows would disappear is going to help. A weekly scrub and daily moisturizing of elbows and knees will prevent making an unkempt appearance.

 3. Eyes tell your age tale – Wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes are dead-giveaways of one’s age. Lack of moisture and elasticity of the sensitive skin around the eyes lead to premature aging. Keeping that skin supple and limber with the regular application and gentle massage of an eye cream, especially at night goes a long way in ensuring your eyes look and feel fresh. Not only does the eye cream provide the necessary moisture for the skin, it prevents lines and wrinkles from forming around the eyes.

 4. Tips for the lips – You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to flash your dazzler at every given opportunity, would you? However, you will agree that if your lips hurt, crack, peel or bleed at the slightest stretch, smile ain’t coming by so easily. The skin on the lips is extremely delicate and reacts to dust, pollution, sun and lack of moisture very fast, causing an unhealthy condition. Ensure you gently scrub away dead skin that accumulates. Treat your lips to a moisturizing balm frequently through the day. We promise you it is not a decision you will regret!

 5. Hand care – Let’s get candid here, guys. Who wouldn’t want his special lady to hold his hand with an adorable confidence and delight? The fact also remains that women love strong, warm and smooth hands to hold on to. The frequent washing, the constant use of our hands, the sun and various other reasons could lead to callouses on the palms and the outer skin of our hands making them rough and also prone to peeling. Ensuring you moisturize your hands as much as possible after frequent washes plus a gentle once-a-week scrub to remove dead skin and cells will keep your hands exactly the way you want them to look and feel – solid and impossible to let go of!

The notion that moisturizing of the face and body is only for women is definitely old school. Today, men have come forward with their desire to be seen as attractive, well-groomed and attentive to the finer details. And if this makes men happy, there’s absolutely no doubt how happy this makes all the women out there, right?