5 manscaping mistakes even Indian actors make (and you shouldn’t)

January 12, 2017 |

Who doesn’t want to be the hotly contested debate on handsomeness and get all eyes on their well-toned body outstretched in V? Everybody does. So the idea of manscaping is not a fantasy anymore, just like those manly pedicures. But heck our men are smarter than that. How dare their hair come on the way of a great view of their muscles! So you need to mow the lawn a little in order to make the tree appear taller, yeah? However, your body hair naturally conveys a hint of machismo and doing away with all of them makes you look ambiguously weird. So how much is too much?

Wait, allow us to shed a bit of your guilt a little. Some of our hottest actors from Hindi Cinema or television have committed some serious manscaping sins. We will save you the pain. Here’s a lowdown:
1. Untrimmed chest, back, and shoulders
A massive, fluffy, overgrown bush doesn’t exactly feel smooth, does it? Does that ring some bells? Our currently smoking hot Akshay Kumar debuted with two signatures: his fearless stunts and the fuzzy chest. He made his phenomenally hairy appearances in Khel Humara Hai, Khiladi and Hera Pheri. It was in 2003 that he finally shaved off his chest hair the right way and boy, how we love him now!

2. Never minding the unshaven armpits
The much-revered Anil Kapoor once made this unforgivable mistake that somehow seizes to fizzle out of our memories. Repulsion is an understatement when it comes to completely unshaven armpits, yeap, not even trimmed. We love our 1-2-ka-four man but we wish he hadn’t personified repulsion for armpit hair so much back then. What can we say, even Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh are guilty of this specific habit. Guys, let’s just say you don’t have to ape them all the time.

3. Trimming below the belt in a perfect triangle
Dhishoom! That’s exactly what we felt when a certain viral video of our much macho John Abraham and Varun Dhawan did the rounds. Remember that poolside video from the movie (or was it?)? It looks so awkward to you now, we know! Although trimming pubic hair is hygienically recommended and otherwise preferred, but when there’s already a lot of it and you get it done in a triangle, it looks worse than anything. Dude, seriously.

4. Shaving off all hairs on chest! :O
Some people really take care of not making the chest hair obnoxious by growing a bush but what they sometimes end up doing is equally boring. A completely clean shaven chest neither always looks appealing nor does it suit everybody. We don’t necessarily remember Ranbir Kapoor for a perfectly shaved off chest in his debut, had it not been for the towel-drop stunt. Had he trimmed his chest hair without feeling obligated to clean it all, he wouldn’t have to be so awkward about his debut forever. Then he did it again in Bachna Ae Haseeno but got us all drooling finally with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. You get the message.

5. Clean-shaving the arms
Unlike the idea of a little less hair which seems to make sense, opting for completely clean shaving the arms is not a great idea. Our teen sensation Tiger Shroff could have got a more grown-up fan following if only he had not committed this manscaping error. Tiger, already known for his shyness and ‘beautiful’ facial features, created a sort of turn-off in spite of all his dance and action skills in Heropanti. The right way to shave arms is from the shoulder until just before the elbow.

Folks, manscaping is an art which when done right, can truly strike the right macho chords.

More doses on what’s cringe-worthy and what’s not – right here. Watch this space!