5 men’s grooming habits women find most attractive

December 20, 2016 |

Traditionally, the idea of men’s grooming was looked at with a dash of disdain – “real” men are rough, rugged, wild and unrestrained. Or so says the stereotype. That has changed dramatically in recent years, with men turning more and more towards a grooming regime that literally puts the smile on the face of women – yes, they love it, and why not. With men beginning to care more about appearances, style and their “looks”, it’s a beautiful world out there for sure!

It is but natural that some men may have adopted a long and detailed grooming routine, while others may have a more concise formula. However, there are some strong grooming habits which immediately pique a woman’s interest and attraction. We have listed just 5 of them here, gentlemen, elucidating the message they send out to the “fairer sex”:

1. Care for your pearlies:
That slow, intriguing and scorching smile you have is the first thing that grabs the attention of any woman in front of you. You want to ensure that smile is resplendent and uninhibited. You have made it a habit to brush twice a day regularly, rinse after eating and floss as often as you think necessary, so there are no tell-tale signs of what you ate for lunch or the fact that you smoke like a chimney. And of course you always have clean smelling breath, because the opposite is such a big turn off.
What it says about you: Clean, well-cared-for teeth speak eloquently of your attention to the finer details and a healthy consideration for hygiene.

2. Facial hair managed with flair:
Whether you choose the clean-shaven look or want to sport a beard, unruly unkempt facial hair does nothing for that impression you want to create. Women love it when you keep your shaving routine regular and trim the sides, length of your beard and any stray stragglers that could give you a sloppy appearance.
What it says about you: Gives off the impression that you know what you want, just how you want to look, and will do what it takes to ensure you are able to be confident, comfortable and stylish as well.

3. The scent of a man:
Signature perfumes are intriguing, to say the least. When you know how to choose the one that fits you, your personality and the brand you would like to create, you wear it with élan. Every woman (or even men for that matter) love to have their olfactory senses aroused and fragrances have a way of getting embedded in the brain. The particular fragrance you flaunt will always be powerfully connected to you.
What it says about you: It is clear that you have taken the time to get to know the perfume you wear, taken it home with you, lived with it for a while before you chose it as your signature. That is not just intriguing; it is refreshing and speaks highly about commitment!

4. Taming those talons:
Long nails on a man’s hands are a straightforward no-no. Nothing gives the look of carelessness and sloppiness as much as overgrown nails, either on the hands or the feet. All women appreciate the fact that you incorporate a clipping ceremony at least once a week into your grooming routine. Of course the regular hand and foot scrubs add to the overall cleanliness.
What it says about you: You are not afraid of getting methodical and meticulous, even if it means an extra 30 mins of TLC for those hands and feet. Such a dogged determination puts the women right in your corner straightaway!

5. Regular tête-à-têtes with your hair stylist:
It’s all well and good to want the coolest haircut of the season. But well-groomed men know their hair type first, and then decide on a workable hairstyle based on what genetics gave them. And once you pick the “you” hairstyle, you ensure it stays well-managed, healthy and smart. You don’t wait till it begins to grow out and look straggly before you head back to the barber. Basically, if you’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then other people have too. Ideally, you book an appointment for 4 weeks later, when you are right there.
What it says about you:You plan ahead and know what needs to be done with precision. And most importantly, you don’t balk at something which could be mundane, but extremely necessary.
Women have a keen eye for detail, not to mention a great nose for bold, lingering and definitive fragrances. Sit up and take notice, gentlemen – men’s grooming habits and the services which are now available have come to the forefront of most conversations. And perhaps the best thing is that you know a regular grooming routine is a double-edged sword – it makes you feel great and works in your favor by grabbing a lot of well-deserved attention!