5 simple after-shave habits to evoke the hotter you

January 17, 2017 |

The art of shaving comes naturally to a man. It’s so macho. He has grown old seeing his peers flaunting the razors in their own style. But there is a lot to shaving than just blades and razors. It isn’t just constrained with the selection of foam or direction of trimming. Fascinatingly, the pre and post events happening with the grooming also carry a lot of importance. Here are some after shave habits you can incorporate into your routine to evoke the hotter you.

#1 Rinse with cold water, pat dry

Just after the shave, rinse the area with cold water. This tends to seal the pores of the affected area, unlike the hot water you use to open the same. Remember to pat the cold area dry instead of rubbing it. Rubbing would reverse the whole process of closing the pores leaving an irritation of skin.

#2 Put on lotion after shaving

Shaving also addresses the loss two layers of your skin. The best way to replenish the loss is to use a good, fragrance-free moisturizer. This will restore the lost moisture and reduce the burning sensation at the end of the shave. However, don’t be too excited to use heavy creams. Those will end up leaving your face greasy and unnecessarily shiny.

#3 Avoid using alcohol-based aftershaves

People using aftershaves believe that alcohol present in it kills bacteria. This is true to an extent but certainly not worth the damage it does to your skin. Tightening and drying of skin come complimentary with the sterilizing effect of alcohol-based aftershaves.

#4 Use an aftershave balm or aftershave wipes

A hydrating aftershave balm is for those who are prone to nicks and dry skin after shaving. Once you’ve splashed some cold water and patted it dry, you can use an aftershave balm in small quantities. Gently massage into your skin and you’ll notice a considerable difference between a smooth shave and that with bumps and redness. In case you in a hurry for this, simply use aftershave wipes that come with inherent moisturising quality.

#5 Do not exfoliate after shaving

Though a men’s face scrub is an ideal way to prepare your skin before shaving, it becomes equally disastrous after the manoeuvre. This is because the act of shaving is itself exfoliating.  Repeating the same thing would result in the skin becoming thinner, irritated and extra-sensitive.

Gone are the times when “skin care” was the term associated with females. This era of metrosexuality has bashed these stereotypes putting forward an environment of a healthier skin for men. And since your skin is most vulnerable after shaving, it deserves utmost care and attention to sport a sexy jaw in a log run. Wish you clean and healthy shave.

For more doses on the coolest shaving and grooming tips, watch this space.