5 Things Entrepreneurs Need To Take Care Of Themselves Every day

March 24, 2017 |

Who doesn’t like stories of entrepreneurs turning into rockstars overnight? Or startups becoming bestsellers after a hiatus? What we don’t read in those stories, however, is the sweat and blood that goes behind them. We never get to know the burn that happens along the growth trajectory of these glittery businesses.

If you are managing a high-growth startup or an enterprise, you know how mentally and physically draining it can be. From balance sheets, to traction figures and from employee care to media management, there’s much that’s on your mind constantly in your waking as well as sleeping hours.

As entrepreneurs, you are leaders. That’s precisely why you should take care of yourself physically and mentally. We give you the definitive list of 5 things that you absolutely cannot ignore.

       1. Enough shuteye

SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is today the busiest man on earth. Afterall, he is positively changing the world. But Musk has often testified that he sleeps around six hours every night for maximum productivity. Sleep deprivation results in lower memory capacity, inability to solve problems, a sloppy immune system, slower decision making and increased risk of obesity. So entrepreneurs, make sure you get six to seven hours of sleep every night. Make sure it’s a quality sleep. If Musk can, so can you.

       2. Never skip breakfast

The most important part of the meal in the day is undoubtedly the breakfast. Even the most successful people around the world have serious breakfast goals. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos avoids early morning meetings so he can have a sumptuous breakfast. Do you need a better inspiration than Bezos to have breakfast? This habit keeps your metabolism rate in order apart from giving you life-nourishing energy for a busy day. When you start your day with enough physical nourishment, your brain kicks off to a great start improving your ability to take quicker and tougher decisions.

       3. Exercise and laugh

Did you know that exercise releases endorphins and other wonderful chemicals in your body? So what? Well, for one, it ups your happiness quotient and improves your ability to perform mentally stressful tasks. And guess what, this takes only about 20 minutes in a day. Similarly, laughing decreases stress hormones and boosts your immune system. Entrepreneurs, who face a new challenge every day, surely can find some bizarre situations to laugh at.

      4. Personal grooming

We all know business world is as much about first impressions as it is about consistent results. Entrepreneurs should keep a wardrobe that has clothes for every occasion with special emphasis on formal white and black shirts. They must ensure that they look dapper in order to be confident and comfortable. Remember that you are a leader first and people look up to you for important matters. Simple grooming habits such as proper shaving, well-ironed clothes, personal sense of hygiene go a long way in making you a charming entrepreneur. Before you sell your product or service to the outside world, you need to sell yourself.

       5. Meditate

Science has proven that meditation has direct benefits for you as well as your business. It helps in maintaining a positive mindset and improves your concentration tremendously. Meditation helps you to be non-reactive to business situations. The Association for Psychological Science said in a report that meditation increases compassionate responses to suffering. As a result, you are always able to achieve a peace of mind after a hectic business day.

When you start treating your body like the product or service that you are selling, you will realize it needs as much innovation and positive thinking as your own business. As entrepreneurs, don’t forget that you are setting examples. You need nourishment and a healthy mind for the same. And these cannot come without some of these simple yet effective techniques of self-care. Happy innovating!