5 Ways A Good Shave Adds To Your Self-Esteem

April 13, 2017 |

Confidence is addictive. It is infectious and is placed at par with intelligence and other skills. The foremost thing that comes to mind looking onto a confident personality is his knowledge followed by the way he looks(irrespective of your skin tone or callipygian physique).One might believe that a person’s dexterity and prescience is all that matters. But in the professional world, a well-groomed man has certainly an edge over others. Moreover, it increases his efficiency to work as his mind won’t be diverted (consciously or subconsciously) to trivial issues like dandruff on the hair, a spot on the nose, a shabby beard, a rough face and more.

As it turns out, confidence and self-esteem are directly related to your grooming habits. Here’s how a good shave adds to your self-esteem.

  1. Good shave shows how meticulous you are

If you shave properly leaving no portion of your jaw unfinished, it says a lot about you. It shows you are meticulous and can be trusted with minute details. You get into the category of people who are assigned complex tasks and get opportunities to move faster in life.

  1. Good shave shows your diligence

Shaving regularly is a lot of work. It shows the presence of a certain routine in your life. Most dependable employees or trustworthy colleagues have a quality of a certain discipline in life that often shows in things such as the way they dress or take care of themselves.  Successful entrepreneurs follow a steady routine and discipline. Thus a great shave gets you automatically in that league.

  1. Your induced self-confidence brings out the perfect you

Keeping well-groomed obviates the significant amount of time you donate in anticipating your look for a meeting or presentation. This when coupled with your professionalism adds to your confidence. The approach or the attitude of perfection goes a long way into building a great self-esteem.

  1. You feel complete

Often it is seen when people are dissatisfied by their grooming or a bit insecure about their beard, they tend to nag and crib. On the contrary, a good shave makes you feel warm and contented. You become ignorant to inessential things and try to imply a subtle approach to crazy situation.  This feeling of completeness gives you an unruffled confidence that speaks for itself.

  1. Good shave shows consistency that women love

If you are often seen in your elements each time, it’s a sure-shot sign that you are a consistent person. Of course a stubble once in awhile won’t hurt.  But most of your average days are made up of a well-groomed lifestyle. Women recognize this instantly and would show it too. Nothing boosts confidence better than the approval of the opposite sex.
It hardly takes few minutes to maneuver razors and trimmers on your derma but it instills in you virtuous principles of grooming and fortifies a man with heavy self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good that creates a positive attitude. Make a killer first impression and people feel intrigued to know you more and better. When others show an interest in knowing you, your self-esteem further gets a leap.

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