5 winter wardrobe must-haves for the man who never goes wrong!

December 22, 2016 |

You don’t really adjust your looks mentally as seasons change, do you? Come winter and your signature appearance of cool confidence starts to shake. Caught you there? Let us whittle down to the absolute core fundamentals of a stylish man’s dressing arsenal, just for you. Before that, don’t forget to move your spring and summer collections to the back of your wardrobe. All you need to do now is supplement your winter assortment and warmies with a few must-have pieces. So here gentlemen, in an inverted order of importance (more for fun) are the bare essentials you need this winter:

#1 Accessories:
Men have proved they can nail accessories as good as women. Beanies are your best bet and scarfs are stylish – pick them intelligently and voila, what an addition to an already great outfit. Beanies have a slim fit, which helps to avoid a bulky look and they come in an array of colors. Avoid anything with a bold pattern; grey, cream, burgundy and black beanies are good choices to go for, as they are nifty enough to complement a lot of other colors while remaining un-intrusive. A scarf with a bit of color and texture can help wake up your look. Look for lively patterns like checks and plaids to give your style some depth.

#2 Versatile trousers:
No closet is complete without a couple of pairs of jeans. In winter as well, you tend to think that is the best and only option. Darker denim rinses will feel most appropriate for the season. However, a good pair of wool-flannel trousers does wonders to bridge that gap between formal and casual perfectly. Invest wisely in colors which can create a well-put-together look for any occasion. When it comes to your wardrobe essentials, quality trumps quantity.

#3 Winter boots:
Here’s the perfect excuse to flaunt those boots. Boots are also the most logical choice for warmth in what could sometimes be really rough weather. Depending on what style you choose, they can go with a lot of looks. If you’re looking for something practical and hardwearing, it would make sense to focus on the sole of the shoe, which should ideally be made from a thick rubber, with enough grooves to give you ample grip.Lace up boots are practical as you can easily adjust them to suit your size – even on a particularly cold day with thicker socks, you still fit comfortably into them.

#4 The goes-with-everything overcoat:
What you are looking for is a long, tailored, typically heavyweight wool overcoat, the kind which was a staple from the early to mid-1960s. They have been enjoying a revival thanks to their incredible flexibility. They look good with everything from jeans to suits. Longer, more streamlined coats like overcoats or trench coats work together to give you a more elegant and refined look. Choosing them in neutral, subdued colors keeps them easy to blend in and complement a range of formal and smart casual outfits.It is an investment, so it needs to be made from a durable material, be versatile enough to go with a range of different outfits and last you the whole winter!

#5 Healthy skin:
Oh yeah, you do need to wear this. Every other item you invest in or store in your wardrobe is going to fit right over your skin – so take that time out to invest in products which will keep your skin healthy, hydrated and hip. Keep a hawk-eye out on your diet, which should include lots of hydrating green leafy vegetables and fruits. Ensure there’s a balance with the protein and carbohydrates. Exercise moderately through winter, even though the tendency is to still warm and still – drag yourself to a medium workout if you must, but do it.
There you go then, the essentials, listed and elucidated. Winter offers such versatility to dress up in, add exciting and interesting layers, and bring out some colors which you would probably put away in the lighter, brighter seasons. Here’s to a warmer you this winter!
For more doses on men’s styling, watch this space!