6 Fashion Tips For All Tall Guys Out There

July 26, 2017 |

1. Go easy with the denims
If you’re going to wear jeans—especially if you’re going to wear them at work—wear the one where thread matches the color of the denim. They also shouldn’t have many details on them. It gives taller guys a more formal look. They make jeans that often have a touch of contrast, but not too much. Embrace the idea of a jean with minimal details.


2. Wear Pants that actually fit
In terms of fit, you should be able to feel the fabric on your legs. If you can’t feel it touching you, your pants are too big.


3. Keep your shoes in Proportion
When you’re working with slimmer look, your shoes can’t have a lot of bulk in them. You need something sleek, with a narrow toe and a slim sole. It’s all about balance and proportion. If you’re going for a straight fit jeans or a slimmer leg pants, your footwear should reflect that as well.


4. Layering looks awesome on tall guys
A jacket might be a little short on a client, but if I layer a longer T-shirt or button-down shirt underneath, it makes people look at it think that it’s not that short.


5. No Shoulder Pads
A strict NO to heavy and thick should pads. Sexy look on a tall guy requires thin and stiff shoulder pads to give shape to your body thereby making hands of your shirts or cost right on your shoulders.


6. Always go with the Horizontal Stripes
Vertical stripes are for those who are not blessed with a good and impressive height as you.