6 reasons why you should shower in the morning

January 31, 2017 |

Was she sarcastically complaining about the uselessness of room fresheners to me? Will I really have to live with this bulged out belly fat for my entire life? And what if I’m fired from the office for always running late on schedule? What’s worse than going to bed with such thoughts?
Even winters are now bidding adieu so the last of all excuses for waking up late is gone. You want to keep flying your alarm clock or take a nap every now and then, don’t you? Well, there’s this one little advice that can keep you from all the horrible situations that you imagined in addition to the above ones and help you stay pumped up for the whole day. Taking a morning shower is the simple solution, mate. Period. Here’s why.

1. A morning shower gets your blood racing
Taking shower in the morning is like going on a pleasant spree before kick-starting your day and nailing the day’s to-do list. The creativity gets a kick and a calm state of mind sets in. Why? Morning showers are known to increase blood circulation in the body. A morning shower has that effect when your friends notice the difference and ask, “What struck you like a magic bro?”

2. Increases immunity
Did you know that when you shower in the morning, your body is stimulated to make new white blood cells? Now you already know that WBCs increase your immunity. Given your biological clock, this specially happens during morning showers.

3. Getting rid of the oily-ness
Instead of saving it for the evening, taking a shower in the morning can greatly help you in getting rid of the oils that your skin builds up overnight. Let’s just say that by wearing fresh and ironed clothes on the sweaty body, you can fool people on some days, not every day. On the contrary, soaping up in the morning is very important. It will make you look better with a clean skin and feel comfortable without any body odor.

4. Styling the hair becomes easier
Dry hair can be stubborn while styling. That’s when you grab the hair gels and somehow manage through a bad-hair day. And of course, to those who’re in the routine of taking a shower at night and going to bed with wet hair, waking up to crazily spiked hair is not a wonder. When you shower in the morning, however, it’s much easier to style hair while they’re wet or in the process of drying. Once they’re set well in the morning, you don’t have to keep adjusting them every now and then. Does that mean you must wash your hair every day? No but even while bathing (and not washing hair), your hair does get a bit of moisture needed much for styling.

5. Morning showers can help in burning fat
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that taking an icy shower in the morning activates ‘brown fat’ which increases metabolism rate and burns off white fat, the kind of fat that makes you look flabby and old. What else do you want in life, eh? Come on, shower in the morning already!

6. A shower keeps yawning at bay
Jumping in the shower (especially the cold ones) right after you wake up actually helps your day start on time. Morning showers are a psycho-stimulant, like coffee and that’s why they’re often associated with wakefulness. Having them as an energy-booster, you can also finish off all your work on time and that too with more attention. You see, just one change in the routine and so many things set straight in line.
So when your moms or wives or girl friends drop their jaws seeing you bathed early in the morning tomorrow, just turn around in style and say, ‘Breakfast please, I’m getting late!’