6 smart-fixes for common beauty emergencies

February 21, 2017 |


You plan for this party the whole week but on D-day you do a hysterical dance when you wake up with baggy eyes. Or see a distinct, angry red bump on your cheek– the undeniable beginnings of a pimple outbreak. Or you just get into the car on the way to work and manage to chip your nails on the door. Or you’re having one of those awful bad-hair days but are running late so there’s no time for a shampoo and reset. Sounds like yourself? So, what do you do? How can you quick-fix these situations until you can deal with them suitably at a later time?


We believe every sudden situationhas a speedy repair. Here are 6 frequent ones:

Situation #1: Your T-zone is shining bright and reflecting light – We know this so well! It is more real for those with normal to oily skin. No amount of care during your make-up application process seems to make you shine-proof a couple of hours later. A little anxiety, a brisk walk or even a few stressful thoughts and your skin gets suddenly slick.

Patch-up trick: If you are at a restaurant, make a quick grab for a square of single- ply tissue paper and gently dab your face and see the difference. Alternately, do keep wet facial wipes in your purse for a quick fix.


Situation #2: Your eyes have bloated bags beneath them –You’ve had a sleepless night mulling over the big presentation today. And just when you want to look your confident best – your eyes look like a wreck. Puffiness could also result from an allergy or from crying.

Patch-up trick: Dip a couple of cotton balls in cold water or in a chilled eye gel and place them over your eyes. Lie down for 10 mins and relax. Cucumber slices or damp chamomile tea bags work wonders in reducing eye puffiness in 10 minutes.


Situation #3: There’s a sudden sweat-rush in your armpits – We are all familiarwith that swift flow of the perspiration glands, caused by any rush of emotions. It may be your turn to go on stage next and your body is responding to that excitement, but you are afraid it will stain your silk blouse noticeably.

Patch-up trick: Open your purse and grab some hand sanitizer. Dab your underarms with it. The alcohol in it will neutralize the smell of sweat and soak up some of the seepage.


Situation #4: Stubborn hair refuses to settle down despite repeated effortsWho hasn’t had a bad-hair day – a day when everything seems to go wrong. You are already late and then your hair is the unruly kid. It is either too greasy or too frizzy or just plain unmanageable.

Patch-up trick: Pour some antibacterial gel over your hands and run your fingers through the hair before you brush and use the dryer again. The gel’s high alcohol content will dissolve build-up and dry out the greasy look. Even a wet-wipe will do the trick of absorbing that grime. A drop of conditioner or hand cream through the hair effectively containsstubborn frizz.


Situation #5: Your nail chips and gets caught in everything – Brittle nails are more prone to chipping, however, sudden accidents could also result in that tear in the smooth nail surfaces. And apart from the frustrating way it pulls threads, hair and other surfaces, it just looks plain awful.

Patch-up trick: Takesome glue, dab it carefully on your nail and let it dry out. Better still, if you can borrow that matchbox from the gentleman sitting next to you or the helpful lady at the counter, use the striking side of the matchbox as a temporary nail-file.


Situation #6:Your face displays signs of a sudden outbreak – Pimples and acne seem to have the most uncannytiming to make an appearance. We have all had experiences of going to bed the night before a party with a perfectly smooth and beautiful complexion, to wake up the next morning in horror.

Patch-up trick: If you recognize the beginnings of an onslaught, address the swelling first-off with a cold compress or an ice-pack. A sticky concealer masks a small or single pimple effortlessly, but a blotch or redness, say near the nose, requires a watery concealer to spread evenly. However, we recommend using a medicated concealer to ensure your face stays safe.


As women, we’re familiar with a whole set of beauty catastrophes as we juggle the different things which make us who we are. Knowing how to fix it for the moment and continuing as if nothing happened at all is an art – and now you are armed with a few more tricks right at your fingertips!