6 Totally Do-Able Ways To Spend Your Weekends

February 3, 2017 |

Just another weekend for just another guy? It doesn’t have to be that boring. Come on, get creative. Use some imagination. We have done some hard work for you. Check out these 6 totally do-able ways to spend your weekends:

#1 Me Time

Family man or single? You need a Me Time. It does sound hard to get that exclusive time for yourself especially when you have family. But here’s the deal. A Forbes magazine article indicated that some of world’s most successful people usually get a ‘Me-time’ in the wee hours. So say if you are a father, wake up earlier on a weekend and go for a walk, mediate, go to the roof to just breathe the air and plug in your music for some time. Combine mental and physical exercises but find time for yourself at least on the weekends. Your mind would achieve its peak performance following week if you start doing this from this very weekend.

#2 Go for Micro-Adventures

Take your friends and/or family along to a micro adventure on weekends. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. It could be a small hike to a nearby hill. The mountain air would do you good and refresh your mind. Are you single without company? Hike alone. Do you have a one-year-old baby? Tie him at your back and hike. You may go out for a picnic, cycling with a group of people to a nearby park or simply chase butterflies with kids in the garden. Indulge in some micro-adventures and you will appreciate life more. And well, it’s good for fitness too.

#3 Exercise

You have at least 48 hours at your disposal. Here’s when you will have more time to sweat it out at the gym or take a swim in the pool. You can compensate lost exercise time from the weekdays with some extra hours on the weekends. But how to make it happen? Brace yourself to cut a bit of television and social media time. Today, this makes up for a lot of time, doesn’t it? A great one-hour swim or some exercises in the pool water (in case you don’t know how to swim yet) can do wonders for your abs. But here’s a little tip from us: Google burpees, kettle bell swings, jump rope, indoor rowing machine and battles ropes. These 5 exercises burn more fat than running does.

#4 Pamper Yourself

Take out at least one weekend every month for pampering yourself. That doesn’t mean hogging. It means you make your body and mind feel special by indulging in a few practical activities. Can you afford spa? Go for it. If not, simply get a back massage from your partner. Better still, set aside Saturday for a longer shaving time and grooming time where you moisturize your face, get a smooth shave, spend a few extra minutes in the shower or bath tub. Use incense and candles in your bathroom; add lavender in your bath tub water. Use your imagination. Pampering yourself boosts self-worth, motivates your mind and prepares you for tougher weeks.

#5 Unfinished Tasks

You must keep two weekends in a month for finishing up pending tasks. It could be a long line of laundry work or a broken window panel at home or a much-due football match with your son. You are the man of the house and you must have time for these tiny fixes and family activities. Why? That’s because pending tasks kill your confidence and create negative emotions. Any pending tasks that you may have from work or your personal chores affect your quality of life. It doesn’t mean that you have to while away your entire weekend for the same. You may set aside a certain time of the weekend to consciously pick out priority tasks to finish off. Try this and you will experience a renewed motivation to face your Monday.

#6 Night-Outs

For some men, partying and getting drunk on weekends is the most obvious way to spend the weekend. For others, partying calls for occasion. Both the ways are a little too extreme. If all you do on weekends is hog, drink and dance, you lack imagination and are missing out on several other ways to keep your soul happy. And if you are someone who parties only on occasion, you are depriving yourself of some kickass fun. One weekend in the month should be about a full night of partying, dancing your heart out in a pub or spending a whole night around a fire with friends. So on those months when you don’t have a birthday to celebrate, you will have a celebration to look forward to at least once a month.
Regardless to say that many of these activities combine some time alone with yourself and with family and friends. This is the perfect balance of your weekend. Do this for your own happiness and for no one else. Have fun!