7 amazing tips to get an irresistibly smooth shave

August 3, 2016 |

Do you think that shaving has no proper method? Most of you will agree because this is something that you have usually been acknowledging since years now. We stand tall and say that it is not true because shaving does have a proper way of doing it and is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to scrap off the ugly hairs from your body.

Today we will talk about 7 shaving tips for a smooth process which you didn’t know or perhaps didn’t realise it before:

Tip No 1 – ‘Shave first’ or ‘Shower first’ – without a doubt, the latter:

If you didn’t know this one then the lack of knowledge was one of the most crucial factors for making you face those traumatic shaves. This may seem like common sense, but often during the hot summer months, you may be tempted to take that cool shower and shave. At least while you’re shaving, turn the heat up and open up those pores. The warmth and moisture makes hair soft and helps the razor a bit. So first you step under the shower and then pull out the razor!

Tip No 2 – ‘Shaving foam’ matters a lot:

Always use shaving foam (careworn, hair conditioners are the ideal replacement) but soaps are a strict NO. For a smooth skin, you really need the moisture of a cream – primarily shaving foam or a conditioner. Yet, all shaving creams are not equal either. Different shaving creams for different skin types, they say and it’s authentic, like for any other beauty product. Don’t simply compromise at the essentials.

Tip No 3 – ‘Exfoliation’ is a must:

Yeah more like that rule of thumb! Exfoliation helps in removing lifeless skin cells that may be plotting to clog your razor. An everyday exfoliant or a mild scrub, the choice is yours but simply DO NOT SKIP it even if laziness kicks in.

Tip No 4 – ‘Be gentle’ Ah! That’s the golden rule:

Allow your razor to work with soft and gentle strokes. Don’t rush, or you will end up having nicks and cuts which can be disheartening and painful.

Tip No 5 – ‘The thighs’ – in case you notion of skipping them out of laziness:

Don’t even try it. Rather skip out the thought of not shaving your thighs. They’re as important as your legs. Make them silky smooth too.

Tip No 6 – Don’t use ‘dull blades’; it will harm your skin:

The razor running over the same area again, and again means that you’re using a dull one. Replace your razor with new blades for an irritation free shave. The ‘RIGHT RAZORS’ exist you just have to do a little homework and grab the one which is best for you. It is important to have a quality razor, take a look at LetsShave Soft touch 6razor; they are designed to fit your curves. Just try them and you’ll know the difference!

Tip No 7 – ‘Good post shave’ care do wonders to your skin:

Always use a good moisturiser with SPF it keeps the skin exfoliated and moisture intact. To avoid irritation, keep washcloths and loofahs at bay.

Now, that you know what you didn’t earlier, make sure to follow these tips for a smooth and irritation free shave.