7 Lifestyle Changes To Get A Glowing Skin

April 18, 2017 |

Are promises made to be broken? Well, New Year resolutions seem to be all about that. At the end of the third month of the New Year, perhaps “I want to read more” or “I want to save more money” didn’t quite make it. But ladies, let beauty resolutions be the exceptions here. Revive those promises right here, right now – and if you didn’t make them earlier,now is right here. This year, you want to be that radiant woman who makes heads turn wherever she goes.

We’re here to urge you to make just 7 promises to yourself:

1. Keep your stress at bay: If you don’t already know this, you do now. Stress shows dramatically on your face and skin. Of course, it also reflects on your overall health. So, let this be the big, overarching decision you make. It may seem practically impossible to skirt around it, but there are ways to control and manage stress. Regular meditation, yoga, prayer, doing things you love and enjoy at regular intervals, outdoor activities or even frequent reading, are some of the ways you can keep a check on all that stress.

2. Create a no-phone time-zone: Did we get you to raise your eyebrows with that one? Well, here’s the bare truth. You need to set some time apart for yourself alone. A time which is so non-negotiable, you can call it sacred. Time which you can either use to pamper yourself with various beauty treatments (which require a quiet time) or make up on your beauty sleep. Both these are invaluable for getting that glowing complexion, ladies.

3. Keep yourself well-watered: A well-hydrated body directly results in healthy-looking-and- feeling skin. Water is replete with natural healing and rejuvenating properties. Say goodbye to the old habit of suddenly remembering that you had only one measly glass of water throughout the day! Don’t let busy schedules, crazy timelines or even “all the things on your plate” be the excuses you make. Because be that as it may – those glasses of water you are denying yourself could very well be the antidote for aging skin.

4. Safe-guard your skin: Ensure that your skin (both on your face and the rest of you) is protected against damage, premature aging and lifelessness. Wear sunscreen every day – even on cloudy days. No exceptions. Studies have shown that not protecting skin against sun is the primary cause for pre-mature aging and other signs of unhealthy skin. Close on the heels of this one is to ensure you remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed. Scrub your face clean of everything which could prevent it from breathing as you sleep.

5. Snack Healthy: Yes…you read that right. What is life without that mid-morning or craving-in-the-evening snack! Even the occasional pack of fries is allowed. What you want to watch out for, however, is filling yourself with a constant supply of deep-fried, no-nutrients-worth-mentioning kind of short-eats. Enjoy yummy fruits and vegetables of your choice, which will pack your skin with vitamins and antioxidants to help rebuild and support it. Set a day for the sugar-filled, extremely delicious and irresistible dessert – and go ahead, enjoy it to the brim. If you can do this, it will make you more disciplined and will spill over into other aspects of your life, we guarantee.

6. Exercise thrice a week: A thrice-a-week exercise routine for an hour is a great place to start, say experts. Make it something you love, and it will soon be something you will not want to miss. Walk, jog, yoga, gym, run…you choose. But make sure you incorporate that into your life. Regular exercise clears the mind, keeps your body fit and supple and both these components almost unfailingly, result in a gloriously beautiful you. It shows you are serious about fitness and health.

7. Follow a simple skin-care regime: It’s the simple things that always count. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, ladies. Schedule a good facial once a month. Switch your beauty products with changing seasons. Moisturize – even if you have oily skin, because your skin needs it. Exfoliate, but don’t go overboard. Give all your make-up brushes a once-over frequently, getting rid of bacteria and other pore-clogging dirt. Present your skin ample opportunities to breathe, grow, revitalize and renew itself.

These lifestyle changes are doable, aren’t they? Guess what, they are all focused on you. It helps to have an accountability buddy, with shared goals. Make sure to reward yourself for being able to stay on track with your resolutions. Remember, every little counts. You can count on us to give you that gentle push once in a while, to turn that spotlight around – right on to a dazzling, charming, graceful and stunning you!