7 Subtle things that Guys look for in a Woman

December 27, 2016 |

Indian men may admire a supermodel package of feminine perfection but their hearts still long for those tiny doses of sweetness and love. Some old-fashioned things still work for them, such as, women resting head on his shoulder, making them a morning call in a soothing voice or shocking them with intelligent decisions or women turning up in saree on a date. Apart from physical attributes, Indian men are now graduating to other aspects of beauty such as a sharp mind, loving nature or an expressive face. They dote on women who are more than just good looks.

1. Good personality with humour
Men single out women who have a personality. Men feel proud to be with a woman who has a well-maintained body, sharp features, and an impressive body language. They know that a woman’s personality has the power to make their friends jealous of them. Indian men don’t want women who have no opinion but are boringly obedient to what their boyfriends or husbands say. They prefer women with distinct personality and a great sense of humour.

2. Intelligence is sexy
Men love women who use brains in simple situations. They want women to be witty, confident, humorous and beautiful- in the right way. They don’t complain otherwise, but men like it when women don’t demand or expect gifts rather allow them to freely treat them with some creativity. They like this maturity. When women don’t complain about not going out on a date but appreciate the small decoration in the balcony and thank them for doing something special, they come across as intelligent and sensible.

3. Indian feminity
Being bold is cool but men are generally more inclined toward the softer edge of women’s nature. This is biological. That mixed with a little Indian shyness or reservation works wonders on Indian men. Women who need attention all the time or are overly pampered fall out of men’s circle of choice whereas a good mix of maturity and feminine side has a magical effect on men. Men love women who are confident but are not afraid to show their vulnerable side. Women with Indian value system balanced with modern outlook often turn them on.

4. Affectionate and family-oriented
This is the most obvious thing that tickles men pink. Making them feel wanted, putting an arm around them while walking or cuddling up on the couch are some of the behavioral traits that men look for. They also adore it when women stand by them as their emotional anchor whenever the going gets tough. An Indian man secretly admires his girl friend or wife when she chats with his mother or sister or gets along with his family members.

5. Honesty with values
While honesty is desirable, it doesn’t come as frankly in India considering the taboo attached with women here. So when Indian men see complete honesty where a woman is not afraid to speak her mind, they find it sexy.

6. Career woman
Indian men are graduating to a culture where they want their women to have serious goals in life. Career women are today considered attractive. That’s because when women have their own goals, they are less dependent on men for fulfilment. That helps in building a great relationship based on equality. Men admire women who are able to balance home and career without compromising on the romantic aspects of life.

7. Those typical funny or Indian things women do
The way you scrunch up your nose when you laugh, tie your hair in a loose bun or pat them on their back for cracking a good (or not-so-good) joke or just the subtle sound of your bangles usually go unnoticed but Indian men find these attractive. Men are good at finding beauty even in the natural and ordinary situations.
Indian men are not complicated beings. They come from a certain value system based on their respective culture or state. Today, men want their wives to go out and conquer the world but return to their arms. How cool is that!