7 ways mentally strong people handle stress

February 21, 2017 |


Did you know that Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie often sits down on the floor with her kids and helps them colour for an hour? That’s how she deals with stress since this exercise clears her mind. Similarly, former First Lady of the United State Michelle Obama heads out listening songs on iPod on a bike or hits the gym to relax her mind. Name a person who has never fretted, never regretted or never felt tensed. These are some of the several forms of stress. But how do these mentally strong people handle stress? They are no different, they have just mastered the art of getting rid of stress more quickly and smoothly. And we give you 7 ways that this category of people handles stress.


  1. They know what they are dealing with

Mentally strong people, even in most difficult situations, assess their problems well. They know the magnitude and hence devise well-sorted strategies to face it. If it is something really small and doesn’t seem to hold any palpable resolution, they can even move on. If the problem is big, they know that perfect mechanism to follow to let the problem pass.

Lesson: Assess the cause of stress logically.


  1. They are not afraid to seek support

Talking to someone is way better than sitting alone and let your mind keep pondering on the same boring subject. Sometimes what you cannot solve on your own, can be solved by others. Seeking support from those who have seen or faced this situation earlier can highly reduce your chances of getting back up.

Lesson: Seeking help from someone helps give you a new perspective to the problem.


  1. They like to be in control

Taking control is essential. If you lose control to stress, it will prolong your suffering and ultimately provoke you to take less effective step. Rather, keep reminding yourself that what has come to be will also come to pass and that however difficult the situation is, you have complete control to scare it off.

 Lesson: No point in dwelling with stress, learn to move on quickly. The more you dwell on it, the heavier it becomes.


  1. They know how to face it and come out winning

They don’t run away or avoid it. They keep their feet exactly where the problem is and they face it. This gives them strength and courage and helps them devise better solutions and ultimately gun down the problem then and there.

Lesson: Face the cause of the stress, accept it and move on.


  1. They keep themselves physically healthy

Physical fitness plays a major role in keeping you mentally fit. You may have heard that a lot of diseases find room in your body when you are in stress. Mentally strong people are generally healthy, so they find their minds more alert and sharper at the time of stress. This helps them find a logical solution to the problem.

Lesson: Cultivate a habit of fitness and exercises.


  1. They are great time managers

Mentally strong people are good at managing time so they have enough time at hand in situations of stress. They can always take time off to think, meditate or solve a problem. Stress doesn’t disrupt their lives drastically. They know that they have faced even bigger problems and they can get through it this time around as well.

Lesson: Learn to keep room for any unforeseen problems.


  1. They know that stress is just a construct of mind

What you think and how you perceive makes your personality. Mentally strong people know that. They know that stress is just an obstacle in their mind that creates doubt, tendency to run away, and pulls them down. They refuse to surrender to negative thoughts.

Lesson: Be realistic while dealing with stress.


You may devise your own style to cope with stress and remain stress-free, but always remember that you are determined, you can fight off all the stress there is and come out triumphant. Stressed much today? Find your silver lining, there’s always a way.