7 winter must-haves your handbag absolutely cannot do without

November 18, 2016 |

A shiver runs down your body as cold air touches your cheeks, your hair. It’s winter and the year comes to an end. The beauty of lights and snow awaits you as you tie the loose ends, finish off what you started and hope your wishes come true. The season of cozy blankets, hot coffee, warm hugs and chasing sunlight is showing up already.

While it indeed a charming season, there may be some of you who despise it because of the discomfort it causes sometimes. Chapped lips, dry and wrinkled hands are the classical winter woes that make many a woman cringe from the thought of this season. Such situation is as awkward as the one when you accidentally spill water on your dress but you just can’t go and tell others the back-story!
Winter demands extra care, hell yeah! In a routine in which the habit of running late on time has been hard to refrain from for some of us, that extra bit of care is just impossible to put on the list. However, there are simple prep-tips that help you stay carefree. All you need to do is keep these tiny utilities in your handbag and there you are-ready to go- anytime, anywhere. Check out the ultimate list of winter must-haves:

#1 Your moisturizing best friend
Winter winds lack moisture. They cause visible dryness on your exposed arms. No matter what amount of moisturizer you apply, the prolonged contact with dry air results in complete absorption by the skin, leaving it crinkly and itchy. Therefore, having a small bottle of moisturizer in the handbag keeps you at comfort. You need not hide your hands or ask others for cream anymore.

#2 For the lip-smacking you
Remember how desperately you wish you had a lip care balm in purse the last time your lips were chapped and you were out with friends? Well, the memory of that desperation is enough for you to realize how important it is to carry a lip balm in purse. If this example doesn’t, we don’t know what will?

#3 A desperately important silk scarf
You never know when your friends plan to go on a long ride to a distant spot right after the classes or work. A scarf comes handy. It adds to your style. This season, let your old cotton scarves rest in the wardrobe for being harsh in winters. Rush to the store and get new silk scarves with striking colors for yourself. Just snug the scarf around your neck and see others envying you for the warmth and softness.

#4 A small packet of snacks
Winter turns you into a glutton, if you aren’t already. When the temperature around you drops, your limbs become cold. As a result, your body needs to provide you with nutrient-rich blood that warms your body. When you feel warm, it means you have enough blood to heat your body but when you feel cold, the brains must send signals to eat more for warming up. That’s why you feel hungry often. But that means you may gain unnecessary weight during winter. The only saving grace is to grab a packet of healthy snacks such as nuts, energy bars etc to keep your body warm and fed.

#5 Mint toffee
You are very prone to catching cold and getting a bad breath in winter. Always keep a mint-flavoured chocolate or a toffee that can keep the running nose at bay, sooth your throat and also work like a mouth-freshener. Voila!

#6 Your best friend in water thermos
One of the woes in winter is you feel zero motivation to drink water. Moreover, you will find yourself warming up under the sun or inside a room with a water heater. This dehydrates your body and your skin becomes pale. Your handbag must therefore contain a water thermos containing luke-warm water. Motivation or no motivation, if you have it right inside your handbag, you will remember to drink it.

#7 The serious protection of sunscreen
Well yeah the sun is kinder to you in winter, you still need it to save you from the UV rays. There’s thinner ozone layer in winter, yet, the UV rays are still very much in the atmosphere. You may still smartly use a lesser SPF (recommended 30 in winter) but sunscreen is an easy must-have for winter in your handbag.

Ladies, get smart in winter. Don’t take dryness and weight-gain as a winter regular. Break the convention, defeat the woes and have fun!