8 Things I wish I knew before my first shave

August 9, 2016 |

Do you remember the time when you first started shaving? It was a mere frustration and a worry of getting ingrown hairs or nicks and cuts, and you swore that you would never shave again, however, couldn’t stick to it because shaving has now turned into a need for many of you.

There are a few things that no one ever told you about shaving. Shaving never causes skin darkening, faster and thicker regrowth of hair. Read more here to bust all the myths and understand the actual science behind it.

Kudos to years of shaving screw ups and breakthroughs that we can now tell you 8 things which you should be aware of before your first shave.

  1. First things first, invest in a good razor:

Using your dad’s or brother’s razor is a big NO. Get your very own razor for hygiene reasons and also because women’s razors are designed for the cute curves you have. Invest in a good razor and avoid all sorts of shaving problems like cuts, ingrown hairs. You can give Soft Touch- Women BODY razor a try.

  1. Hydrating is important:

Shaving is not good if done on dry skin. Shave towards the end of your shower. Your hair will be softer, hydrated and more moisturized. Making the job of the razor easier and also reduces the chances of cutting yourself or the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

  1. Exfoliate please:

Exfoliation is the best way to keep away from ingrown hairs. Exfoliation softens the surface of the skin and removes the dead skin cell which increases the friction during shaving and also releases the trapped hairs. This will help prevent irritation as well as ingrown hair.

  1. The need for shaving foam:

In fact, it will help you get a shave you have always desired for. Shaving foam adds lubrication to the skin and the moisturizing properties in it softens the hair. Shaving foams create a luxurious barrier between the skin and the razor which helps in keeping the nicks and cuts at bay. Look for products that are enriched with natural lubrication. LetsShave Dr. Barber’s shaving foam is enriched with coconut oil protects the skin by creating a cushioning, lubricating and a protective layer between the blades and the skin.

  1. Razor blades must not be worn out:

Dull and worn out razors lead to irritation due to the accelerated friction and the higher number of strokes required for cutting the hair. Razor burns and shaving rashes are mostly caused due to worn out or dull razors. Keeping your blades clean will increase the life of your razor, so rinse your razor after three or four strokes to remove the clogged hairs and then begin again. Ideally, change your razor blades after every 5 – 10 shaves.

  1. Moving the razor properly is essential too:

Ideally, shaving within the course of hair boom is usually recommended. You may shave against the grain for a closer shave but that has its own set of drawbacks – ingrown hair or razor bumps but if the proper pre-shave routine is followed then these drawbacks can be avoided. It may also make the skin more prone to cuts. Yet, if done gently, shaving against the grain gives a smooth, close shave.

  1. Being gentle is the key:

Quality razors are excellent at their job and you don’t need to press too hard to get the task done. A good razor makes sure that the hairs are scrapped from in a single stroke. LetsShave Women’s razors are especially designed to fit every curve and contour of a Woman’s Body. It provides you with a close shave that lasts longer.

  1. Finish with a moisturizer:

Moisturizer keeps the pores and skin moisture intact. It helps in softening the stubble and will keep irritation and redness at bay. Use an alcohol-Free, SLS-Free, Paraben-Free aftershave lotion such Dr. Barber’s After Shave Wipes. These wipes are enriched with Vitamin e and Chamomile that completely hydrate your skin and soothe after-shave irritation with no sticky residue on the skin. You’re ready to flaunt your radiant skin. A regular moisturizer, in the end, to lock in the moisture in the freshly exfoliated skin cells.

Now that you know what you didn’t earlier. So, make sure you do what’s best for your skin.