Amazing facts of “shaving at night”

September 1, 2016 |

Did you know that “Alexander the Great” encouraged his men to shave, so enemies couldn’t grab their beards during battles? I am sure most of you didn’t know this.

Likewise did you know that night shaving has some amazing facts associated with it? Most of you will say no. Just the thought of changing your daily routine tends to give a lot of trouble because you simply are so stubborn to switch the routine from morning to evening. There are hardly any substantial evidences to support a morning shave; yet, our stubborn selves won’t just allow us to switch from morning to evening as we resist changes in our lives!

We have got 4 facts to tell you why shaving gives more benefits at night:

Shaving at night – OMG but why?

  1. A perfect shave requires patience and a good amount of time. Mornings are just too busy, you have to complete ample of tasks within a short time frame like dress up, grab breakfast and to reach workplace on time. If you want to look fresh and clean and everyone gazing at you, you need to give proper time to your shaving. Of course, no one wants to face rashes and cuts. Even razor burns happen because of haste. Say bye-bye to morning shave and hello to evening shave.
  1. Like it’s said if you prepare well before exams you will truly score a brilliant grade. Same way it goes with shaving. The good you prepare the better are the results. You can prep properly at night, as your mind is relaxed – A perfect shave requires a lot of time. Exfoliation before shaving is very important as it helps in removing dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the razor. The hair and skin must be properly hydrated, softened before the razor starts its job. We would simply skip steps in a rush during the morning, which simply won’t happen at night. You want your skin to be great inside out which only a great shaving routine can give you.
  1. Your skin receives the time to heal with evening shave – pores and skin is exfoliated during shaving. So, the skin cells need time to rejuvenate. Stepping out makes your pores and skin more prone to the damage of the sun and dirt. Dozing off in the protection of your sheets saves the skin from much damage.

Bid goodbye to the hectic morning agony of having to shave. Shave in the night make your life a lot happier because you get to sleep a little longer. At least one task struck off from the morning to – do list which you often need to complete in a couple of minutes!