Are you ignoring these 6 steps before shaving your sensitive skin?

February 27, 2016 |

Is shaving really not your thing just because you have your sensitive skin? Here’s how you could satisfy your lust for a clean, close shave!

1. Prepare Properly!

Before you begin to shave, make sure your face and neck are washed and hydrated. It helps in deep cleaning and softening of facial hair. Using quality scrubs and warm water for hydrating facial hair never hurt. Instead they defend you against the shaving issues of sensitive skin.

2. Pick the right tools!

A non – drying shaving gel and an advanced multi – blade razor is what will help you all the way. The blades are placed close and help reduce shaving pressure. More blades few strokes. Hence you get a close shave without the least of irritation.

3. Check those blades regularly

Yes, that’s essential too. Never stay stuck with a dull razor if you really want the best shave without irritation and cuts. Tugging and shaving discomfort isn’t really our thing, is it?

4. The right technique is the key

A gentle and light stroke is what you must employ. Shaving is the task of your razor, not you. Go easy on your skin. Let the razor work with gentle and light strokes. It is not a competition where you win by force and strength.

5. Rinse the blade frequently

Prevent build – up on edges by frequent rinsing and enjoy a comfortable shave with the razor gliding smoothly.

6. The aftershave protection!

Don’t allow the skin to overcompensate for the post shaving dryness by producing more oil. Simply rub in a light moisturizer. Moisturize and cool the skin with a non – alcoholic, hydrating aftershave lotion.