Armpit hair: Should the guys in India keep ‘em or trim ‘em?

April 24, 2017 |

There’s nothing more pressing in a man’s life than hair. It’s probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up. Be it your hair-do, the shaving routine, the nose or ear hair or armpit. Not comparing, but you do deal with a lot hair issues on a daily basis. There are questions like how much hair is too much? Should you have hair on that part? Or should you shave off down there?
Don’t get overwhelmed. Today, we will only discuss armpit hair and the most relevant information that you can actually use.So should you – the 21st century, contemporary, voguish man – shave hair off of your armpits? From the other gender point of view, a big percentage of women find the mane, long strands under your arm, quite disgusting, and you definitely aren’t too modest to hide it behind a long sleeve. You want to expose as much as you can and voila there goes your chance to woo your woman. And though from the same side of the sex, gay men do not find it attractive either, but hey! that’s a stereotype, isn’t it?

Science has very limited explanation on why we have hair on our armpits. Popular belief is the hair protect our armpit’s sensitive area and keep away the germs. But trends do not set on how scientifically logical they are. You usually do what pleases you or what you feel is right for you, and certainly what benefits you. And if some practice helps to reduce body odour, and improve our confidence to wear sleeveless, tanks or be topless, why not do it.

Studies and surveys made by different organizations suggest that more than 50% men shave their armpits. Reasons can vary; better aesthetics, they are in sports and remain topless most of the times, they like women/men to see their bright side or they simply like it that way. Grooming is a big part of men’s life too. And if you are getting ready for that big date (when it is finally going to happen), you may even spend hours manscaping. And trust us in the spirit of everything happening, the tongue and the hand may start thinking for themselves. So while you are at manscaping, few slashes down your armpits won’t hurt (take it easy and slow though, it is a sensitive area).

Oh! And did we forget to mention that the odour from your armpit sweat is actually due to bacteria, that multiply more in the damp area of armpit hair and if you do the math you know keeping those hair is smelling trouble, quite literally.

So, yeah even in India, shaving off armpit hair is not only keeping up with the trend but a healthy exercise. And the best way to do it – Trim it when you are under the shower, under hot water preferably. And then use a foam before shaving them off a bit. The new macho Indian man today is not scared of showing off a clean armpit so the focus is on his muscles and fitness not on his armpit hair.While at LetsShave, we would obviously recommend shaving ‘em off, it’s really an individual choice. The idea is to feel comfortable in your own skin and what suits your personality.