Why big-dial wristwatches will always be manly

November 16, 2016 |

Watch-lovers are a snobbish breed. They’re bold and flamboyant with a pinch of sophistication. They appreciate the complexity of fine engineering. They are collectors – of art, of aesthetics, of things that last. They are non-apologetic and uncompromising on the largeness of the dials. They are still those headstrong zealots who have refused to tell time by mobile phones, their big dials ooze too much of the bona fide manhood to let go of.

#1 Why big-dial wristwatches will always be manlier than Fitbit?

Wristwatch dials have had quite an interesting voyage that continues to excite our present day men. Remember the glorious times when large pocket watches ruled the day for our men? Classy, yes. Convenient, not so much. They soon graduated to wrists watches– small-dialled and functional. Thankfully, for our men, the change was rapid and bold. The 37-39mm watch-faces of the 1990s leapfrogged to the 45-48mm wristwatch dials which now adorn the wrists of legendary ‘masculine’ men like Sylvester Stallone or our James Bonds and sport icons like James Pattinson and David Beckham. Black dials or white, formal or business casual, sportswear or datewear – the men want to make the big statement everywhere. Big dials remind our boys of the legendary times. Fitness trackers cum watches such as Fitbit are legends from the last jog, at best. Comparable?

#2 Big dials ooze an irresistible sophistication

There’s much sophistication in the simplicity of big dials, so believe our men. When a man consciously acts to choose his size and his style, it says something about him, doesn’t it? Think of Elvis Presley’s impeccable black-dialled Hamilton or George Clooney’s debonair Omega. They spell a definite arrogance, with the distinct style confidence lends, an unmistakable rakish flair. Men flaunt a veritable collection, or the latest, most “branded” watch not because it tells time better, but because it’s so naturally sophisticated. So yeah our modern Apple watches or Fitbits may be simple but sophistication is hard to come by.

#3 Big dials go with that quintessential manly charm

On an average, men wear limited jewelry (barring a few who confidently nail neckpieces and earrings), which makes a wristwatch an expression of innate personality. The best wristwatches are unpretentious, versatile, urbane and classic. It can safely be assumed that most men own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their ensemble. A man walks in wearing a black three-piece suit at our culturally appropriate and boringly form environment. He has poise, elegance and a bearing that mesmerizes the crowd. Then he casually turns his wrist to check the time… to reveal a Fitbit. Disaster! The best accessory for a man (and a woman, if you must) is confidence. And blatantly put, a Fitbit or a Bingo is devoid of this self-assurance. And allow us to spill the beans on what goes on in our head! Are you such a fitness-freak in reality or just a wannabe? Oh wait, you need constant reminders to watch out? Worse, it may convey an indirect message that you care more about fitness than the company (a lady luck hopefully) you are with. Now are those the kind of vibes you want to give off? A true gentleman is in complete control of himself at all times – he needs no reminders. ‘nuf said!

#4 Once you go Big, you can’t go back

Admit it, large gives you a kick. A larger car, a larger home, or bigger television? Same goes for watches. In the late 1990s actors and models who had distinct reputations and grading as being “manly” and jauntily masculine, with oomph and oodles of sex-appeal began to be featured in advertisements for larger-than-average watches. It captured media attention and there was no going back. There’s a reason why big dials exist, and most of that road leads to manliness.
So watch does your size say about you?
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