How can men nail the lounge wear?

November 16, 2016 |


Lounge wear!! The three dashing men from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara may have got us women go weak over the charm of lounge wear, the fashion trend per se is older than that. Those comfy tees with pajamas have always been too irresistible to ignore. Over the centuries men have flaunted their lighter side with those causal lounge pants or bottoms. Be it just a night-out with friends, a beach party or a gully cricket, looking good in loungewear has graduated from being a non-important part in shopping to creating a style statement. How can you nail the lounge wear today? Check it out:

The chill-pill still works
No, office and interviews are not the only places where confidence works wonders. If you feel confident right now, wouldn’t the demeanour around you change automatically? The key to that is being comfortable- get cottons or linen that’s guaranteed to feel good especially if you have a long day. If there’s a charm that never goes wrong after the suit and tie, it’s those light khaki pants right?

Listen to your body type
The general criteria to selecting the perfect loungewear would be the same that you apply while selecting other clothes. You wouldn’t want to leave those hot chicks unimpressed right? Like you do not choose a shoe which matches your style, you need to know what suits you here as well. Here’s some specific loungewear spill-over:


– Blessed with a good height and a nice body? Go ahead and experiment with joggers, khaki, linen and cotton
– For short heighted people, wearing full length lowers would be a nice idea as they always make your legs look longer.


– Skinny guys should choose something with loose fitting and full length, so that you look a bit broader
– People who are overweight can easily pull off shorts and polyester tees. Go for darker colours to look thinner.

Bright colours are a spoil-sport

Loungewear would lose the quintessential coolness if you team your pants with bright colours. Keep the happy-go-lucky flavor of loungewear and wear it minimal. Pastel colours go perfectly with lounge dressing and create an air of easiness. Darker shades such as black and gray are also considered universal colors for loungewear and can never go wrong in style. The simpler the better.

Head over footwear

Oh how we love men when they walk in wearing shorts, hands in pocket, a basic tee and flip-flops. A stylish moccasin could also do the trick but should be something with which you can walk around and sit comfortably. Do make sure you choose your footwear based on your location. Wearing chappals on a grassy surface might not be a good idea. So choose wisely.

Wear a quote

Another experiment that we have loved about men’s loungewear is the humour attached with the tees. Pick a witty quote on the tee or better, get a few customized. If you have got a tee that makes people wonder what that really meant, you have won. Make sure your quote puts a smile on people’s faces. This is often an ice-breaker in a situation when a woman wants to approach you. But hey, keep it classy, avoid any double-meaning or shamming quotes.

Avoid the same-size-fits-all mistake
If you have called for a plumber, you wouldn’t take out your electric box right? Because there is a particular way things are done. This is the thumb rule to loungewear as well. Make sure whatever you wear compliments each other. Be it in colors, the pattern or style. A check-styled or designer bottom will be best complimented with a plain tshirt . For lowers with cuffed bottoms, do not wear long tshirts. Khaki pants would go best with long-sleeve cotton shirts while joggers would look good on a V-neck t-shirt. Similarly, pajamas or sweat pants can go well with any tee of pastel colours.
Guys, prepare to kill with your best loungewear. Funny thing is clean-shaven or a stubble would go perfectly with loungewear. A little rugged, casual and easy-going is as hot as neat and formal. Let women drool, let their jaws drop. Yet, more than other’s opinions, trust your own instincts. You always know how you look the best. Afterall, – “Fashion is about something that comes from within you”.

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