Coffee with the Team: Rohit Sharma

September 1, 2016 |

Well, as a matter of fact LetsShave has only been visible to you on the silver screen of your computer.

So, this time, we decided to take you behind the scenes and make you meet our team.

He is dedicated and vibrant towards and knows exactly what he wants for business enhancement and works keenly on it. He works with full passion and knows how a business works and grows. Also, never lags behind when it comes to extending a helping hand towards co-employees. He carries his work with a sense of ownership which makes him truly one of a kind. We like his style of working and exceptional work ethic.

Meet our Assistant Manager – Business Development – Rohit Sharma.

We today had a chit-chat session over a cup of coffee with Rohit our Assistant Manager. We asked him some fun questions and the answers are right here:

  • Tell us about your favorite moment at LetsShave?

Ahh!! This has to be when I managed to pull off a deal of 300 pieces in a single go. What a feeling it was.

  • One song that you always play while at work?

I make sure to play ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West

  • Describe a typical day at work?

I have a really busy day at work. As soon as I reach office I sit with my team and plan the day’s agenda and things that need to be sorted out on a priority basis. Accordingly, I set my tasks where in I have to call the clients, co-ordinate with them. Make sure things are done on time. Also, indulge in customer handling. So, yeah I am always on the go and I am always multi-tasking.

  • One mantra you always live by as an Assistant Business Development Manager?

One thing that I always keep it close to me is that a business manager needs to have a good name and good relation in the market. Only then you can be successful. Also, for me client’s and customer satisfaction is always greater than any financial reward.

  • What’s the most amazing thing about your work?

The most amazing thing about my work is that I get to meet a lot of new faces from various fields and you kind of start developing a great professional relationship. This is great for both the organization you are working for and also as an individual.

  • What is the best thing of working at LetsShave?

The best thing here at LetsShave is the atmosphere we work in. We work in an open cultural where no one’s views are restricted. Co-employees is another best thing of working at LetsShave.

Here at LetsShave, we are proud of our dignified team and respect their uniqueness and awe-inspiring nature. Our employee stories are to accolade their commitment and diligence. 

Stay tuned for the next employee story!!!