Coffee with the Team: Neha Mahajan

August 16, 2016 |

Well, as a matter of fact, LetsShave has only been visible to you on the silver screen of your computer.

So this time, we decided to take you behind the scenes and make you meet our team.

If you’ve ever puzzled on who exactly is replying to your e-mails, talking to you on the phone, chatting with you on our social media websites and most importantly trying to make your experience ‘The perfect one’.

We today had a chit-chat session over a cup of coffee with Neha our Customer Evangelist. We asked her some fun questions and the answers are right here:

  • Tell us about your favorite moment at LetsShave?

It surely has to be my birthday celebration. I was so overwhelmed with all the wishes coming as I entered, the birthday song to the birthday cake. It just feels great to be working here.

  • One song that you always play while at work?

Well, I play songs randomly so there is no particular, though I am more inclined towards soft and soothing music.

  • Tell us a question you receive frequently from customers and what is your answer?   

Q. Will shaving lead to hard hair growth?

A. There is no relation of shaving with hard hair growth. Genetics define hair growth and thickness. Also, shaving does not have any effect deep inside the skin.

  • What is the most amazing thing about your work?

The most amazing thing of working as a customer evangelist is that we tend to develop good relationships with the customers. They remember us even after months and would actually want to speak to us again.

  • If you had one wish that will come true, what will it be and why?

I have so many of them, talking about one I really wish that I could break the myth by spelling some magic in almost every girl’s mind that shaving really does not result in thick hair growth and this is the truth, not any myth.

  • What is the best thing of working at LetsShave?

Everything about LetsShave is best, co-workers to flexible working hours and lively atmosphere. The working style here is just amazing. I learn a lot every single day; everyone is just so inspiring here.

Here at LetsShave, we are proud of our dignified team and respect their uniqueness and awe-inspiring nature. Our employee stories are to accolade their commitment and diligence.

Stay tuned for the next employee story!!!