Coffee with the Team: Prerna Kotian

August 10, 2016 |

Well, as a matter of fact, LetsShave has only been visible to you on the silver screen of your computer.

So, this time, we decided to take you behind the scenes and make you meet our team.

She has a passion and enthusiasm for design and is just amazing at bringing in new ideas and innovations.  She is responsible for handling organization’s creative requirements and communication designs. For LetsShave she is one of the best graphic designers on the planet. Dedication is what she possesses and we like her unique style and exceptional work ethic.

Meet our Graphic designer who is truly one of a kind – Prerna Kotian. We in no way wanted to let go off this opportunity to know about the trick that makes her so innovative.

We today had a chit-chat session over a cup of coffee with Prerna Kotian our Graphic designer. We asked her some fun questions and the answers are right here:

  • What gives you immense happiness at LetsShave?

There are many, but my favorite is when my designs are approved in a single go. Wait, I would also want to say that I really feel delighted when I get an appreciation for my hard work.

  • Describe one thing that makes you so innovative?

Aahh !! A tricky question, though it has always been a learning stage for me. I try and take inspirations from wherever possible; most importantly I take out a little time, relax and just think about things that inspire me and imagine ways of retransforming them into my designs. This brings in a lot of ideas and innovations in me.

  • Describe a typical day at work?

Being a graphic designer, I have to multi-task every day and work on a variety of print and web related designs. All day long I have to work on photo editing, print ads, web ads and image research as well.

The first thing when I reach office is to talk to my team and discuss about the various design projects we are working on. I may be asked to work on various projects simultaneously. So, yes I am multi-tasking all the time hehe.

  • What’s the most amazing thing about being a graphic designer?

The most amazing thing about being a graphic designer is that you have the opportunity to put your vision onto the paper and create exactly what you want.

  • What do you love doing in your free time?

I doooooddllleee, yes I love doing it. I always doodle about little things from my day to day life that inspires me and I also like to doodle on mental health awareness. For me, doodle and music is a perfect combination during my free time.

  • What is the best thing of working at LetsShave?

The best thing about working at LetsShave is that my co-employees are really supportive, you just need to extend a helping hand and you’ll find everyone there for you. People at LetsShave are itself the best thing of working at LetsShave.

Here at LetsShave, we are proud of our dignified team and respect their uniqueness and awe-inspiring nature. Our employee stories are to accolade their commitment and diligence.

Stay tuned for the next employee story!!!