Ear hair: How to tame the beast?

March 29, 2017 |

You never want to ruin the feel of a warm hug by tickling hairy earlobes onto your partner’s cheek. Some of you get it earlier than others and you find tufts of hair sprouting out of your ears in no time. Did you know that the same hormone that causes baldness regulates hairgrowth in ears? Heck, you need them, as some say. They protect your ear against dust and infections. Whatever the cause and purpose, the point is that you do not want to look old and scary when you’re not old and scary. So when the razor cannot fit in there and the ear hair refuse to budge, try one of these easy options.


1. Plucking

Start off with the longer ones that stand out visibly and can be plucked out easily. You can use a blunt-nosed tweezers or scissors with round tips for plucking. Look straight into the mirror and use the tweezers or scissors to hold the ones that pop out, then pluck them with a gentle stroke. Make sure that you do it one by one and don’t apply excessive force.While plucking delays the re-growth of ear hair up to two weeks, it is also time consuming and painful. It can also open the hair follicle to infectious bacteria in some rare cases.

Caution: Professionals recommend cleaning the ear prior to plucking and avoiding digging deeper in the ear canal to reduce the risk of infection.

2. Trimming

While combating more than just a few ear hair, always prefer going with an electric trimmer. It will not only save time but also ensure safety and comfort. Some electric razors come with special attachments for trimming in and around the ears thus making it all very easy to do. Just run the trimmer all over the edges and to a safe depth and you’re done. However, the downside to trimming is that the hair re-grow  just a few days of removal.

Caution: Trimming deeper into the eardrums could be bad, so go gently. A scissor can harm as much as a sharp weapon in your ear.

3. Waxing

Not many are generally comfortable with the thought of putting wax in their ear and getting the hair removed by pulling. But this is the best way of removing hair in terms of time consumption, delay in re-growth, and finish. It removes all ear hair including the fine fuzz on edges straightaway from the roots and all at once. It also keeps the ears hairless for up to six weeks. Avoid using the DIY ear waxing kit and go to a salon or let someone who knows ear waxing do it for you as the uniform application of wax, protection of ear canal from hot wax, and pulling the strip in right manner is very important.

Caution: While doing waxing at home, make sure you use a blunt butter knife to apply. Use cold wax as far as possible.


Is there a best way?

Yes and no. No, there’s no one best way to get rid of ear hair smoothly and effortlessly. But yes, there’s a way to get the process right. But for that, you would need patience. You can actually try a combination. Start with trimming the most protruding hair first. Then start plucking from the nearest cuticle gently. For the ones that look stubborn from the root, apply a little wax and pull.

Boy, grooming has a price. But when done wisely, it does yield great results and produces a sense of general well-being. For more trips and tricks on men’s grooming, watch this space.