How to fix a bad haircut?

January 13, 2017 |

Bad Haircut? Oh dude, we pray for your lost strands of hair and your anything-but- that-look desire to rest in peace. Wait a minute, did you chance upon a hot-looking model on a magazine cover that blew your mind? Or you simply had something crazy in mind that backfired? Or your stylist’s a nut-case and gave you a taste of his apparent ignorance?

Whatever be the case, it’s not wrong to be experimenting or to want to set trends by getting a new and not-so-common hairstyle. Some of us play a safer bet with a full proof and already tested hairdo. And that’s okay too. But hey, not all life’s a glitter and potpourri, is it?
So what’s trending? Hairdos like bald fade/ high fade pompadour, short sides with longer hair and texture on top, medium length pomp, low bald fade quiff haircut etc are some. But as complicated as these names sound, so is the precision they need to be cut with. A slight miss here or there can be ruin a great hairdo, giving you nightmares in the blazing sun.

Having said this is it too late to go back to your previous self or your improved version? One good thing is that whatever you do, your hair grow back (with few exceptions ofcourse). So take a deep breath and prepare to give it a couple of months or three. Did you know hair grow back at a rate of 0.5 to 1 inches in a month? You can have a better density and certainly a new desire for a hairstyle. Wait, but three months, that’s too long.

Here’s where we have got some hacks for you. Here we go:

#1 Use some Gel, sit back and relax

In that need of the hour, simply use some good hair gel and try to straighten your hair. This look is always in trend, as it is considered to be one of the most decent hairdos. People with straightened and well-set hair combined with a formal get-up are also considered to be more professional, and pragmatic. And what’s better than to look responsible and stand out in public?

#2 Demand a fix from the stylist

Humans make errors, if you do not agree to what you see in the mirror, demand a fix from the stylist. But if you do not want to further trust the stylist with your precious hair, just walk out and look for a more experienced and renowned stylist in your area. They may charge you more, but as experts they are the best people to turn to amend what went wrong. Having a professional touch-up your hair is definitely better than you taking chance of doing it by your own and making it too late for anyone to handle.

#3 Put on a hat or a headband

Hats are always in style. The trick is to get the one that matches your personality the most. So if you are in your teens with twinky sorta look, go for a cap as it will compliment you better. Or if you desire to look more mature, you may try one from the Fedora or Panama family. Subsequently based on the look you fancy, pick one and wear it on and be a fashion-forward.

#4 Follower or a trendsetter

Once in a while, you can let go of your principle to follow a well-tested strategy and devise your own style. With a haircut not desirable, you can ask your stylist to make few alterations here and there and discover a new style. For instance, go for a military cut, this is always hot and oozes much confidence. Or even better, go for that Mohawk you always wanted but were afraid to get one. Now that it looks bad, a little experiment won’t hurt. And when those hair grow back, you sir are back on board to get back what your heart desires.

#5 Shave it all

If nothing works, resort to clearing even the last shred of fibre off your head. Worry not, as widely said what grows back will be way stronger and even denser with even and agile growth. And you will definitely wave off the habit of brushing your hands through your hair all the time and maybe put them to a better use (working more, what were you thinking, eh?

So, whatever the fix, remember to keep your head and hair well-hydrated, dust-free and nourished. Because whence the hair grow back, the world of speculations and hairstyles are waiting for you to try them on. Wish you a better haircut next time!

For regular doses on styling, watch this space!