Is Hand-Combing For Men? Should You Use Comb, Brush or Hand?

April 21, 2017 |

Setting hair in that one-sided crease, and adopting that formal look every single time is a passé.  You wanna look new everyday or at least suitable for the occasion. You are a man and you are impatient when it comes to styling and you get pretty bored pretty soon. You do wanna choose the amazing hairdo that’s a head-turner, don’t you? Now a major part rests on your hair combing tool. Brushing, combing, or using your hands to comb, are ways to give the shape, the direction, the setting of the hairstyle you would like to sport. There goes your definite guide to hair combing.


The Brush

Brushes tame the messy, untangled hair. They usually are used to straighten your hair, especially when the latter are voluminous. They give hair a flow and set them for the day. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles and you got to know what suits you the best. Brush caresses the scalp, helps in spreading the important oils that keeps your head moisturized. Brush also helps dust off any unseen dirt that settles on the scalp. So should you always go for the brush? If you have wavy or curly hair, avoid brushes as they would damage the hair.

The Comb

Combs too are available in different shapes and sizes. But usually the combs that you grow up with, like literally, are rigid, thin and have smooth teeth, so they don’t grab and pull big swaths of hair like a brush does. They are great for tangled hair, as they de-knot without pulling out hair and they work very well for precision styling. A comb gives your hair a clear direction. If you like to pull your hair backwards and aim to keep the heavy mass at the center of your head, comb’s your thing. If you want a good, clean part or a tight, slicked back style, a comb will set your mane straight.

So is hand-combing really for the men?

You have the habit of running your hands through your hair throughout the day. Well, that’s fairly normal. You are far too conscious to let a single strand fall in a direction you wouldn’t want to. Unlike other tools, this doesn’t come in shapes and sizes. But, here’s a piece of some information you would love. Your fingers are much gentler on your hair; fingers yank out less strands compared to brush or a comb. Hands are best for moving a lot of hair in a general direction, so if you just need to move that part from the left to the right, or get your hair going backwards instead of forwards, just talk to your hand. If you are into a little mess of a hair, or casual, or you like sporting a textured look, brush or comb is your party. But when applying products, hands will give you the accurate feedback of reach which a comb and brush most certainly won’t.

When is hand-combing best for you?

On casual days, you can mostly go for hand-combing since women find it sexy. Why? Because hand-combed hair look natural and a little wild. So with lounge wear, a lawn tennis match or a hiking date, hand-combed hair would make the ladies swoon.

How much is too much?

Overuse of anything is never advisable. Sometimes running your hands regularly through your hair can get you in the habit of pulling hair out and unless you don’t want to really care about owning a brush or a comb, you would want to avoid that.

All we can say is, keep a balance and keep flapping those beautiful shiny hair!