Head Over Heels? How To Wear Heels Wisely?

May 6, 2017 |

Keep your heels, heads and standards high, as they say. Turns out the highness of the heels is actually a pleasure that comes with pain and could be detrimental to your health. Heels are almost a necessary evil. They are sexy, test your balancing skills to the core and bring out the most confident part of you.

But tread with caution (quite literally) since several studies conducted over the years have shown that continuous use of high heels leads to arthritis, spine injuries and back pains. Here are some implications for wearing high heels:

Obviously, your feet have the most effect of heels, they are the ones carrying the beautiful little devils. A study found that four-inch of stilettos can increase the amount of pressure on the front of the foot by 30% or more. So what? The heel-to-the-toe transition becomes abrupt that distorts the way you walk. Ever found yourself barely managing to strut in your heels? If you keep strutting all the time, it may damage your bone and nerve apart from giving you blisters and ingrown toenails.

Bottomline: Higher the heels, bigger the impact.

Apart from your feet, another professional and natural shock absorber that your body has are your knees. Knee is the largest joint in your body. But frequent high heels put extra pressure on the inner sides of knees. This accelerates the wear and tear of your knees leading to osteoarthritis.

Bottom-line: Frequency matters.

Have you ever noticed the senior nurses or senior female actors such as Aasha Parikh or Maushami Chatterjee? They develop abnormally large hips. That’s because they have spent a large part of their lives standing and running in heels. When you wear high heels, you must thrust your hips forward, arch your back and push out your chest. As a result, it makes the outer hip muscles and tendons hard. However, when you sit through your heels, it doesn’t have any effect on your hips.

Bottomline: Sitting in heels is not harmful.

Heels directly affect your spine since the former affects the way you walk and stand. It’s often not your natural posture when you wear heels. This is a process that stresses your lumbar erector spinae muscle. As a result, you get sore lower back.

Bottomline: Give your feet a lot of breaks while wearing heels.

Time to get smart with your heels
This blog is not to upset your high-heel ambitions but to make you aware of using heels wisely. Here are the tips to wear heels in ways that won’t harm you:

The inches
Heels that are 1.5 inches or shorter are best for prolonged periods say shopping, or dance parties where you need to stand and walk a lot. The medium inches from 1.5 to 3 inches are ideal for dates, events, award functions or conferences where mostly you have to sit. Keep pointy stilettos to special occasions like birthday or anniversary. Even styled wedges can stress your feet out a lot.

The ways
When your red sexy one-piece begs you to wear stilettos, find out smarter ways to give your feet some rest especially if you have to stand or walk a lot in those. Hollywood actor Kristen Stuart always carries a pair of sneakers in her handbag during award functions. Yeap, we aren’t kidding. She changes into heels minutes before she is called up to the stage. If you wore high heels the whole day, compensate by wearing shoes, sneakers or flat the next day.

The posture
Avoid running in heels. If you have to, just take them off and carry them in your hands. It actually looks very sexy. Mind your posture. While heels would invariability affect your natural walk, try practising a bit the night before so you maintain a natural posture as much as possible. Give your feet a break every hour if you are standing continuously in your heels.

But don’t actors and models wear heels all the time? These are wise women who find ways to rest their feet when they must wear heels. You will realize actors like Katrina Kaif or Alia Bhatt would typically wear sneakers or flat shoes during film promotions. That’s because they have to stand and walk a lot during these events while they would not mind wearing heels during an award function, since they mostly need to sit through the event.

Get wise with heels. The wiser, the sexier.