Here’s the best way to shave this monsoon

July 12, 2016 |

Believe it or not, our choice of clothing changes with the change in season. Monsoons can mean a dehydrating effect on dry skin and an excessive hydrating effect on oily skin. While waxing, you might have experienced that it is more tedious to remove hairs because of the humid weather as the moisture will stick the hairs to the skin making it difficult for you and your skin. So waxing in monsoon will result in making, the task more painful.

Shaving exfoliates your pores and scrubs away dead skin cells, makes it smooth and you may do it anytime according to your choice. Therefore; we firmly believe that shaving is the best hair removal method for all seasons. Shaving foam used prior shaving keeps your skin hydrated and prevents dehydration.

Analyze the following steps for skin care and shaving with a bit help from us:

1. Hot Shower:

In monsoon, hairs become brittle because of the humid weather so soaking your skin in warm water is very important as the moisture from the soothing shower will soften your hair. It will also reduce the feeling of tugging and pulling on the hair during shaving, which will result in giving you the best shaving experience ever. The job of your razor becomes easier after the shower. You will no longer have to fight with your razor to pull out the hairs from the skin.

2. Exfoliate:

The rains dry, dead skin cells can block your pores leading to acne and a lot of other problems. Exfoliation is the key to getting a healthy glowing skin. It helps in sloughing off dead and dry skin that could clog your razor. By prepping your skin with a cleanser having exfoliating properties will keep ingrown hair and razor bumps at bay. By performing this action you automatically solve the problem of ingrown hairs.

3. Shaving Foam:

Shaving foam creates an effective cushion between the skin and the blades. Thus the razor will easily glide across your skin, softening the hairs and making it easier to shave. Using coconut oil really helps if you’re prone to razor burns and also prevents the skin from dryness because of monsoons. LetsShave’sDr. Barber’s Shaving foam is enriched with Coconut oil. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut as well as, the supple texture leave your skin super soft.

4. Pick the right razor:

Finally, pick the razor that suits your style and choice. A perfect razor is  key to a great shave.  You get great options from! Start with shaving in the direction of hair growth, Followed by shaving against the grain at stubborn spots.

5. Be gentle:

Your razor does all the work, so don’t try harder. Hairs tend to become brittle during monsoons, which makes it tough to cut the hairs from the body. Be gentle on your skin and use soft and short strokes to avoid any kind of problem that arises. Rinsing the blades after each stroke also minimizes friction thus giving you smooth and silky body.

Monsoons can be tough on your skin because of humidity so make sure you always use a moisturizer post shaving to cover and protect the exposed skin cells due to the exfoliation of the skin.

Finally, step out in style and flaunt your super smooth skin, because you are born to steal every show!!