Why is it important for men to moisturize?

July 20, 2016 |

You make sure to keep yourself healthy, dress amazingly but when it comes to taking care of the skin, you feel it is such a woman’s thing. Wash out this thought because moisturizing your face is equally important. You only need to take out two minutes of your life to give a tit-bit of pampering to your skin.

If you are one of those, who doesn’t do anything to his skin, this one is for you:

✔ Moisturizer keeps the pores and skin moisture intact and the SPF 15 sunscreen or higher in the moisturizing cream protects from the harmful rays of the sun. Also, exfoliating the skin will remove dead skin cells; dirt and excess oil that can be clogged into the pores making them appear larger in size. Using a moisturizer after exfoliation will keep the acne and redness at bay. Moisturizers are different for different skin types, so make sure you choose the one that suits your skin.

✔So, you think moisturizing is for women? Think again. The study shows that simply being a guy makes it more likely to show signs and symptoms of aging.

✔After shaving, your stubble can be very irritating and poky. Moisturizing helps in softening the stubble.

✔Quality shaving creams have moisturizers in them. Do you know why? Because the moisture in the shaving creams keeps the whiskers moisturized, keeping them soft for the cut.

✔It stops wrinkles from settling in and prevents skin cancer. You sure don’t want wrinkles anytime sooner.

✔Moisturizing your skin after the shave will keep irritation and redness at bay.

✔Moisturizer contains oils, minerals, and vitamins. It also has anti-oxidants that help in preventing skin damage caused by external factors. It keeps the dirt away which means less acne.

✔Hydration simply makes pores and skin look healthier. Moisturizers lock in water with ingredients, which saves you from water loss in heat or wind, humectants, which are a magnet for water to pores and skin cells. After the use of facial moisturizer, you’ll have smoother, softer, and brisker-looking skin.

Tip: Moisturizing at night give you a healthier looking skin the next day.

Now that you know, moisturizing can do wonders to your face. So, give your skin what it deserves.