Learn to master the art of a perfect shave

August 13, 2016 |

Are you everyday juggling with getting that ideal shave? Trying hard to get a terrific shave but end up with a terrible shave? For a matter of fact you need to master the art of shaving in order to achieve that dream shave.

Here are some skills that can help you get that perfect shave:

When and How to shave:

It is ideal to shave after a nice refreshing shower. Taking a warm shower opens up the skin pores and makes the hairs soft which makes the job of razor a lot easier. Never shave on dry skin it can lead to serious problems and can cause tugging and pulling sensation on the skin. Always use the razor lightly it should gently glide across your skin; let the blade do the work instead of your hands. While shaving makes sure you go with the flow, shave with the grain and only shave against the grain if the need arises but don’t directly start by shaving against the grain. Shaving against the grain can lead to ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

♦ Do not over shave:

Taking your razor over and over again to the same area can cut the hair too short, resulting in ingrown hairs, razor bumps and can cause severe infection. Shave the unwanted hairs but shave in a way that you don’t have to go over the same area more than twice.

Always be super kind to your skin. In case of an irritated area make sure you don’t take your razor again at it and just let that skin area heal. Shaving over skin abrasions can lead to scarring. You sure don’t want this. Use a healing ointment if required.

♦ Avoid stretching the skin:

Men have a tendency of stretching while shaving because they find it a lot easier. Don’t stretch; let your skin be in the form it is. Stretching and shaving can cut a lot below the surface which again can lead to unwanted shaving problems.

♦ Electric shavers can be harmful:

Electric shavers can prove to be adverse for men whose skin gets irritated easily or for those who are prone to redness, razor bumps, razor rash. These shavers cut hair at different angles and horizontal screen blades cut from side to side. This is simply not good for your skin.

♦ Use alcohol-free products:

After shave products with, alcohol contents can irritate the skin more and can cause more dryness. Use products which are soothing. Instead use moisture based after shave it will give your skin that refreshing effect.

♦ Protect yourself from the sun:

A newly shaven skin is more prone to damage. Make it a habit of using sunscreen. Not only the SPF in it protects from harmful sun’s rays but a sunscreen also helps to prevent premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer.