Learners guide: How to shave your underarms

August 1, 2016 |

Removing the armpit hair can reduce odor. Shaving your underarms requires more concentration as the maximum amount of sweat and moisture is gathered here. Also, the hollow shape makes the task more difficult.

Follow easy guidelines for making this process pain free and smoother:



  • Always clean underarms. Your underarm produces more sweat in comparison to the face, legs, and bikini area. Do not shave unclean underarms because it could be full of sweat and oil that could doubtlessly clog the razor and reduce its effectiveness in removing off hairs. The most effective way to clean your underarms is to take a hot shower bath. It will soften the hairs and remove oil, sweat, and dirt.


2 underarms

  • Exfoliation is a must. It is the process of removing dead skin cells thus allowing a closer shave and will also keep the underarms hydrated. It also prevents ingrown hairs. You can use a simple loofah.



  • Apply shaving foam and keep the skin moistened. Shaving foam provides excellent lubrication which protects the skin and helps the razor to easily glide across your skin. It also keeps the skin moisture intact and soothes the skin. Raise one arm over your head, the skin needs to be stretched so that the shave can be smooth preventing any cuts or razor burns. LetsShave Dr. Barber’s having foam is enriched with coconut oil that protects the skin and keeps the moisture intact.



  • Hold the razor in your other hand and begin by shaving with the direction of hair boom.You can start shaving from bottom to the top and then from top to bottom. If sensitivity is not a problem, shave each up and down, as underarm hair may additionally grow in many special directions. Remember, not to shave the same area more than twice. Avoid the razor too firmly against your skin, as this will result in razor burn. Make sure to rinse the razor after each stroke, it is good to remove clogged hairs from the razor. Also, once done shaving rinse your underarms with cool water. LetsShave Soft touch 6  is specially designed for your body contours, shave fearlessly anytime and anywhere.



  • Lastly, underarms are sensitive;to prevent any kind of irritation, use a light moisturizer. Using a moisturizer with Aloe Vera contents is the best. Do not use deodorants immediately after shaving, as they can prove to be harmful.

Dr. Barber’s NOTES: Skin is very sensitive immediately after shaving. To prevent irritation allow your skin to rest for 30 minutes before applying creams, moisturizers. In case you want to hurry to a party and moisturize straight after shaving, then pick a cream in preference to a lotion.