What does a man’s coffee say about him?

November 17, 2016 |

Coffee, ironically enough, is not every man’s cup of tea, eh. So there are men who like to keep it real and for who caffeine is more than an addiction. For some men, caffeine is like a woman – warm and lovely – who they met at a dark lonely pavement on a cold night. For others, it’s a short fling that they need once in a while to feel more alive. For the dreamers, however, coffee is just an illusion to feel awake. But what does a coffee say about a man?
Interestingly, predicting a man’s type and style by his caffeine has also caught the fancy of psychologists and scientists around the world. Many studies have found direct links between the type of coffee a man drinks and how it resonates into his personality.



The strong, finely ground dark coffee is beautiful in its making. Just like the strong aroma of Espresso, the man who adores this coffee, is a strong-willed guy. He is ambitious, punctual and loves to be in charge. Just like the bitter but authentic taste of Espresso, this guy loves to keep it real and honest. He is a confident man who often rolls up his shirt sleeves during a board meeting or doesn’t blink an eye before climbing up the table to fix an electronic. That’s because the Espresso man is self-assured and carries himself effortlessly. He shaves probably once in 48 hours and yet kills his look by keeping it simple and old-school. He doesn’t follow rules but makes his own.



When espresso meets steamed milk, a latte is born. Guess how our Latte guy is with this coffee assortment! Just like the creamy taste of Latte, our Latte lover guy likes to keep life smooth. He doesn’t experiment much but is often carefree and an ardent follower of trends. He is the guy most likely to be dressed in Zara casuals even during outdoors. His clean-shaven looks may give the hottest bearded men some serious complex. People love him since he makes everyone happy. He has an eye for aesthetics and takes life easy. A Latte guy is that 3 am friend of yours who would go out of his way to help you. Women drool over this guy since he knows he shall please them in every way.



The beauty of life for the Cappuccino man is in detailing. Just as how foam is scooped onto the top of espresso in this coffee, our Cappuccino guy loves precision. This man is meticulous and a deep thinker. No wonder he has an eye for art and is extremely creative when it comes to pursuing the woman he desires. Cappuccino men may make or break rules but interestingly they are introverted. The espresso part of their life is hidden beneath the foam and when that clears away, people are able to see their skills. Their personal style is effortlessly casual but they may completely take you by surprise with their occasional formal dressing, pretty much like the wet cappuccino.



When life seems bitter with a regular espresso, you water it down a little and make it Americano. Our Americano man, just like his coffee, has a softer side to him that he makes no effort to hide beneath his strength. He enjoys the aroma and the taste of espresso but doesn’t let it get to his head. So to say that the Americano guy is particular about certain ways yet is ready to bend when a situation demands. He is smart and filters negative emotions so he could bring out the best in you. On days you will see him dressing comfortably in plaited loafers and linen white pants, other days, he nails the club look hands down. He looks as deadly clean-shaven as he does with a rugged unshaven two-day-old face.

#Decaf Coffee


He is the one who likes to be in the society for the heck of it. He despises traditional ways and lives life on his own terms. Yet, just like the decaf, cannot let go of the essential flavours of life. When he decaffeinates the norms, he comes out as a man with a creative bent of mind. He has a personal style, echoing of breaking conventions, yet he is not a hermit or an asocial. He is the charm of an intimate group of friends and a desire of every woman in the room. He is also hard to please yet light-hearted. This contradiction in his personality truly justifies why he loves the Decaf coffee. The Decaf man is a perfectionist and is extremely fitness-conscious, often labeled selfish due to his individualism.



Those who love coffee in the cold state are the ones who love trying new things. The men in this coffee category are spontaneous and imaginative. Our Frozen coffee man has the heart of a child with a cute recklessness about him. He is a socially bold individual and is often a trendsetter. And oh boy he is materialistic. He may not always make healthy choices or may fall for quick fixes, but that’s exactly what makes him so charming, just like the cold coffee.
Yet, all of our men are capable of making exceptions. If men were so easy to pigeonhole, wouldn’t life be so boring? The men who love coffee love complications and challenges. And they must be allowed to deviate a few times. It’s good to veer off the road a little and order your unusual cuppa Joe. What say?