Multi – blade razor myths busted

August 23, 2016 |

Does the number of blades on a razor really lead to a better shave or is it just a myth. Some say that the relation among a wonderful shave and the elevated quantity of blades is myth while others support the fact firmly. Let’s just know some true facts about multi-blade razors.

» Myth – Multi – blade razors is the reason for ingrown hairs:

Fact – The fact is that multi- blades razors are not the cause of ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation. This is just a misconception. A lot of you might think that a multi – blade razor cuts below the skin level leading to ingrown hairs. For a close shave hair needs to be cut a little below the skin level. Shaving problems are caused because of wrong shaving techniques and no pre-shave preparation which results in all sorts of problems like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and irritation. A multi-blade razor does not cause problems. It is always recommended to exfoliate as exfoliating before shave helps in preventing ingrown hairs.

» Myth – Multi – blade razors causes discomfort:

Fact – The fact is that it has been observed that the comfort of shaving is more when a blade is introduced to the razor. Multi – blade razors are not the reason to discomfort shave. Multi-blade razors in no way leads to discomfort in fact it helps in getting a clean shave in fewer strokes as compared to single blade razors. So, they never lead to discomfort. All you will need to attend to is that you follow all of the preventive measure and shave away to glory and happiness.

» Myth – Multi – blade razors does not give a close shave:

Fact – The fact is that, According to research, hairs do not grow in a perpendicular direction to the skin. Instead, they form an angle of 31 to 59 degrees. Hair doesn’t stand up for being cut and for this reason, so, for your closest shave ever, you will first want to boost the hair and lift up. In multi – blade razors, the first blade is generally responsible for lifting the hair. The following blades cut the hair extremely close to the skin. This offers you a neat and easy shave.  In case, you still doubt pick any LetsShave multi-blade razors and make the decision yourself, our Pace 6 and Pace XL Pro have blades closely spaced to each other, making every stroke look like a single blade going throughout your face.

Thus, using a multi-blade razor only enhances the shaving quality and does cause any discomfort. Try for yourself and you’ll know the truth.