Office Etiquettes That Would Make You Stand Out Before The Boss

May 18, 2017 |

You can literally make or break your career with the habits that you pick up along the way. But here’s a bunch of questions for you before we start giving the whole sermon on office etiquettes. Do you often forget to flush your toilet at home? Are you that family member who never re-fills water bottles in the refrigerator? Do you always talk on speaker phone at home?

If the answer to two of these questions is a yes, you are probably making some major errors in mannerism that may have already typecast you in your office. Fret not for we have got some a book of  office etiquettes that would surely help you stand out before the boss.

  1. Dress sensibly, not ostentatiously

Yes, studies do indicate that people who are attractive are able to move up the hierarchy faster than those who are less attractive. That doesn’t give you a right to showcase all of your fashion sense in your office. If you have a fair boss or a manager, he or she would rate you better for your great sense of dressing than just plain fashion sense. Keep your stilettos and micro-minis for the office parties.

  1. Do your damn job

Seriously. Just do your work well. Always aim for exceeding expectations. If not, at least don’t make others wait for you to finish or send you reminders to do your job. You are bound to get noticed by your boss if he/she sees that you don’t need any notification for doing a job well.

  1. Avoid being late. If late, call ahead.

Never let yourself become someone who has an impression of always being late. But that doesn’t mean you will never be late. Make sure you call ahead if you can easily see you are either getting late or would be late. This shows your bosses that you are a responsible employee.

  1. Don’t be the gossip girl

Oh you mean stop being a girl? You would say. And come on, let’s not stereotype it, men do that too. But how would you feel if your boss knew you were a ‘gossip girl’? So just in case you cannot resist, make some ground rules. Gathered around coffee machine? Okay, gossip away. But sending trash on Skype message or office intranet, plain disastrous.

  1. Use reply-all minimally

Always, always make a habit of checking the senders before replying to any email. Does your reply need to be read by all? Are you simply typing in to say thank you? Make sure you don’t hit the ‘reply all’ button unless everyone addressed in the email needs to absolutely read your message. Showing discretion in email correspondence would display a great sense of maturity in handling business communication.

  1. Praise publicly, criticize privately

Make sure while complimenting a colleague, that everyone else knows about it. Similarly, while criticizing a colleague or a subordinate, write a personal email or confront one-on-one. In most circumstances, you should point out errors in person and in private. However, if the situation demands, involve a senior officer or a colleague. This is a sign of not only maturity but also a great camaraderie that’s bound to make you stand out.

  1. Avoid swear words

While it’s a very personal choice, it does affect the people around you in an office situation. Avoid using any swear words for your customers or colleagues. Limit their use to, say canteen or outside the office. Shouting away swear words frequently in the office simply shows bad taste and lack of professionalism.

  1. Take it in good stride

Learn to take criticism well. Avoid getting personal or emotional in any situation. Learn to keep your composure in any circumstance and soon enough, your colleagues and your boss would start seeing you as a pillar of strength and restraint.

You cannot get a great performance appraisal in just a quarter of good behavior and hard work. Leaving a great impression on the boss is an on-going exercise but always keep it fair and within rules.