Pre-Wedding Shoots – How to look your coolest?

March 29, 2017 |

Arranged or love marriage, couples are desperate to show off some chemistry to the rest of the world. The courtship time just before you walk down the aisle is precious. It must be savoured. So when the pre-wedding shoot time comes, it’s the girl who has the natural responsibility of looking fantastic alongside her fiance. Yet, the same old concepts of Indian pre-wedding shoots bore us to death, especially the choice of dresses. So how do you break the convention, the monotony of boring pre-wedding dresses? We have got some ideas. Wanna have a look?


The cocktail party style

These dresses bring out the young and charming part of you to the camera and get you really gorgeous snaps. They’re easy and breezy, comfortable, and unlike heavy dresses, make you less conscious while shooting in a public place. You will look your most confident self when you feel comfortable. You may go for an elegant, a sexy or a casual look. Choose an align-puffy midi skirt with a bright colored top for the elegant look, a date dress for the sexy look and a pinafore for the young and casual look. High heels complement these dresses really well. But you know what? Go ahead and wear boots, if you wanna give a little twist.  Cocktail dresses would really liberate you to goof around with your partner in a light mood and pose perfectly for the shoot.

The full-length elegance

If short dress is not your thing, a long-black-dress is a great idea. Or you may flaunt a flowing maxi dress contrasting the color of your partner’s dress, a beautiful evening gown or a floral skirt with a crop-top. These dresses will add to the romantic feel as you indulge in some healthy PDA for the camera. If you’re looking forward to wearing something that’s uncommon for a pre-wedding shoot, you can also go for silk or crochet culottes with classy wedges for a really rich look. Identify the sites that you guys are going to shoot at and then choose the kind of look that would best suit amongst these.

Indian and all

If you scrolled faster to land here, you are the one who just wouldn’t budge without wearing Indian, would you? We get it girl. Your love for the Indian attire is undying. But here’s what you can do differently. With the Pallazo-kurti and lehenga-kurti combination going hit this season, you have multiple choices to select from.You can see a variety of them in most of the shoots already trending on the internet. A light-weight floral print saree alone can add such a zing to your pre-wedding shoot. Or you can go for Indian prints in skirts or crop-tops. Make sure these are nicely fitted to your body. If you are going for Anarkali, make sure it’s a light-weight plain fabric that flows. You may opt for bottle green lehenga with a red crop top or vice versa. Indian attire will also allow you to experiment with a vintage look by going in for high-neck and full-sleeve blouse with a light saree. This would be perfect for a shoot that’s happening in a palace or a fort.

The casual cowgirl look

If the photoshoot is going to be in a house, hotel or a garden, a casual dress-up would look absolutely cute. A full button-down denim one-piece with boots and a cowgirl hat would be spectacular.  Or simply go for shorts or jeans with a baggy shirt or a stylish top. Wear a hat on loose hair or just tie a bun, grab the sneakers or slip-ons instead of heels and you will kill it. A photoshoot in casual dresses portrays friendship between you and your partner, which makes it look all so cool. Imagine yourself in a photo climbing on his back and he is looking up to smile at you. Simple enough but ethereal, isn’t it? If fun, casual and cool are your goals, this one’s for you.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun. Wear minimal make-up and let the natural light complement your skin. It will show naturally in your photos. Look the best of yourself and step into the newness with some great memories to revisit and smile later.