Quick fixes to everyday shaving problems

July 12, 2016 |

With shaving comes a whole lot of troubles and we are here to offer you answers for those.   Here is our list of everyday shaving problems and most importantly, a way to deal with them.

1. Razor Burns

Razor burn is a condition that pops up after shaving when the skin becomes red, irritated, and inflamed. There is nothing quite as irritating as cleansing up with a close shave, simplest to avoid suffering from razor burn. Razor burns as you are familiar loves to pop out on your skin every time you shave, leaving you in a discomfort zone. Speedy relief can be received by following some easy guidelines

  • Use a sharp, clean blade, go with the grain and don’t use an excessive amount of pressure. If it appears like you’re scraping the skin, you probably are. Stop and give your face a little pampering.
  • Keep the skin moist at all the stage that is before and after shaving. Prepare well with shave oil, using a gel-based cream for the actual shaving and carrying out with a relaxing moisturizer at the end.
  • Never ever use a dull blade. Ensure that the razor is smooth to avoid redundant friction. Blades must be replaced as and when they are worn out. Normally blades should be changed once every 8-10 days if you shave frequently, the time slot varies for those who are not so frequent.

2. Rashes

Of all of the redness and rashes that may come from taking a sharp piece of metal to the flesh, this one’s the worst. Grimy razors and towels are to be blamed. These can be caused by ingrown hair, but often they are from the staph bacteria that input the skin through incisions or small cuts at the face.

  •  Avoid taking your razor again and again at the same place, as this might result in rashes. Use a sharp and good razor so that a single stroke is just enough to take hairs off your skin.
  • Rinse your razor thoroughly with hot water before you use it.
  • Use an aftershave lotion when you’re done shaving to seal the pores so nothing enters your bloodstream.
  • In case you think the trouble is out of your hand, then a trip to a doctor is always a good option.

3. Nicks and cuts

There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up for a date, instead of carrying roses you have nicks and cuts with you. Nicks and cuts can occur when your blade is too dull, or alternatively, is fresh out of the packet and too much pressure has been applied while shaving. But even in a case you’re as cautious as you are while driving cuts just tend to happen. Be extra careful during the process of shaving, so that you don’t goof up.

  •  Dry skin is more prone to nicks and cuts because the blade does not glide easily across your skin. Always use a shaving cream or shaving gel to create a bridge between your skin and sharp metallic razor blades.
  • Don’t follow strain when shaving and attempt to keep your razor at an appropriate angle always throughout the shave. Ensure you have an awesome great lather while shaving so the blade does not skip and stutter.
  • Use a fresh razor, maximum razor blades will last four to five shaves before their overall performance starts to dip, a razor which is less than sharp will dip into your skin and reason nicks and cuts.
  • Avoid shaving any pimples or blemishes you may have and constantly attempt to hold the surface you’re shaving as flat as feasible, like tilting your head while shaving your face.

4. Ingrown hair

This is one of the most painful troubles out of the bunch and is because of the broken end of a hair (from flawed shaving) grows inside the follicles and beneath the skin. And, while your first notion could be to get maintain of tweezers, face up to the temptation! We know it’s irritating but never use hold of tweezers to get instant relief.

  • Make sure you take a pre-hot shower as it will help in opening up of the pores and also it will soften and hydrate the hairs.
  • Use an herbal exfoliant and apply it in round motions. So that it will push the hairs at the face out; it’s going to additionally create a better lather for the shaving cream.
  • Just keep away from soaps, foams, and gels that comprise any traces of alcohol. While an excellent glass of Shiraz is probably considered one of the existence’s delights, alcohol is for you taste buds and not for the body. It dries the pores and skin and could make shaving extra tough also you may enlarge that caution to aftershaves and colognes.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to the blade and never, ever shave against the grain unless you’ve shaved with it first. Always use a high-quality razor and the one which suits perfectly for your skin. LetsShave has a wide variety of razors; you can choose your perfect pick.

5. Razor Bumps

A razor bump happens when a hair turns again on itself pushing into the skin causing infection and pushing into the pores and skin creating a lumpy response. People with curly hair are particularly more prone to razor bumps. The causes are more likely to be in people who have ingrown hairs.They are just gross.

  •  Stick to alcohol-free products. It will make the skin dry. Use Aloe Vera lotion or tea tree oil to as these provide instant nourishment and heals the skin, also Aloe Vera prevents from premature ageing. Using antibacterial creams and lotions regularly can help keep razor bumps at bay.
  • Always exfoliate your skin prior shaving. Glycerine and Sodium Hyaluronate: add additional lubricity and hydration during shaving. Buy a soothing after shave balm that contains a healing agent such as witch-hazel.

The aim is to grasp knowledge and educate yourself so that you don’t harm your skin over and over again, after all your skin is the best gift to you. You sure don’t want it in a bad condition.