How long should Razor blades last?

February 20, 2016 |

Ideally razor blades should glide smoothly across your skin, especially when you’re going with the grain of your hair. There’s no set timeline that tells how often you should replace your razor blades. It really depends on how often you shave, how large is an area you’re shaving and how thick your hair is. The key to know when to replace your blades is simply to understand the signs of dull blades.

1. Dull razor blades can cause irritation or razor burns

Just imagine a blunt knife cutting a vegetable. It ends up tearing the veggie instead of cutting it off nicely! The same thing happens when you use a dull blade in your razor. It doesn’t cut hair, but tear down the hair, damages your skin to be followed by irritation, cuts and razor burn. If your razor blades feel likes they are pulling or giving you a burning sensation that probably means they have become dull and should be replaced. If you particularly have sensitive skin you can try LetsShave’s Pace 6 Plus or Pace XL Pro razor blades. Since it has closely spaced blades a single stroke is enough to get a clean shave. This avoids multiple strokes on sensitive skin. LetsShave single razor blade lasts for about five to six weeks, depending upon how often you shave.

2. They could leave you with nicks and cuts

Dull blades play evil to your skin. They don’t give you close shave but are sharp enough to cut your skin.

3. They can cause acne

When your razor blades get don’t get rinsed easily with water and have got very old, there are high chances of dirt clogging on the blades over a period of time. This causes whole lot of bacteria that is floating around on the blade to enter in your skin pores, thus flare-up your acne. So technically in order to reduce that risk, it is important to change them regularly. If you particularly have hard or thick stubborn you can try LetsShave’s Pace 3 or Pace 4 razor. It has wide gap between the blades for easy rinsing.

All these signs indicate the dullness, and no amount of shaving foam is going to help it.

Tips: To help prevent premature dullness, make sure you really rinse them well after use — get them completely clear of hair and shaving cream or dirt residue. Shake off excess water, then let them air dry, preferably upright (Blades and moisture strip facing upwards).