How Your Shave Reveals Your State Of Mind

January 20, 2017 |

Experimenting with shaves is both style and fun. Some try to make it, others just follow it. Some women drool on men with sexy designer stubbles, others are stumped by the clean-shaven executive type. A man who mans up and is not afraid to sport varieties of facial hair and can tweak with it as long as it suits his face, is desirable. Interestingly, we are living in an age which is growing acceptable to every kind of facial hairdo. We worship individualism.

There is something of you in that shave you keep. It subtly tells a lot more than you think. Your shave talks louder than your outfit, the shoes, and your watch.

Check out LetsShave’s definitive guide to what your shaves reveal about you.

#1 Expert – the artist
With great beard comes great responsibility. This is what this style shouts. A man sporting an expert would be very efficient and particular about the things he’s involved in because keeping that type of beard takes in a lot of care and attention and patience. But this hot commodity could make him more self-involved and eccentric. He won’t be the guy who’ll walk by your conventions about a man.

#2 Full beard – the traveler
He wouldn’t have shaved at least for a week. It grows all over the face. This style is simplified and a classic and so are the men who wear it. These men ree spirited. You would even assume some of them as a traveler cum backpacker getting around the globe. They are effortless or maybe they intend to keep it like that.

#3 Stubble/ scruffy – the hotshot
Probably, the commonest of them all. From models to actors, sportspersons to politicians, everyone is sporting this look. As they follow the ongoing trend, these men are the ones that like to go with the flow. There could be a lack of individuality in this expression. These men won’t experiment much but by default they fall into good looking men. They are busy working and cannot designate a lot of time in fixing their beard.

#4 Goatee – the flexible
This one is the man of the past who had a statement at that point of time but is very emotional to give it away. A very flexible choice, goatee adds an edge or masculinity to your soft chin. It could be a gateway to a robust beard or return trip to a clean shaven face.

#5 Soul patch – the struggler
It’s a tuft of hair grown under the center of the bottom lip. People wearing this use phrases like “carefully chosen image” or “personal statement” to describe their appearance. It could be anyone, a graduate of creative arts figuring his identity or a man in mid-life crisis trying to relive his youthful days of excitement and passion.

#6 Mustache – the old fashioned
This look can be considered silly or creepy by some but there was a time when mustache ruled the face. A real mustache man is sincere and sanguine. He knows how to get the shit together. However, younger guys who wear it are confident enough to let you read it in any way and not really care.

#7 Clean shaven – the jaw line flaunter
How can we forget them? They have been the unrivalled kings of this shave-no shave contest. Often a beard is perceived to hide the errors in your face and an “actual” handsome man cleans it well. These men seem to follow this notion. They are self-assured about their bone structure and facial features. Folks with clean shaven are a bit preppy.
Though it’s a very generic conception of ideas about man’s facial hair, exceptions are bound to exist. In fact they are celebrated. It also depends on how a guy explains his. Your facial hair may arise numerous assumptions on who you are, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to who you want to be, should it?
For more doses on shaves, watch this space.