Should Men Use a Lip Balm? Ways To Use It Without Feeling As If You Are Acting Like a Girl.

March 15, 2017 |

Smoking causes patchy and dark lips. The extreme heat from the inhaled smoke; Nicotine and tar transfer to the lips through inhalation of the cigarette smoke, causing discoloration and constricting blood vessels in the skin. Build-up and the limited blood flow will turn your lips from their once rosy hue to a patchy, dry and sometimes darkened.To protect the lips from such damage, lip care is very important.

There are times when you’re so troubled by painfully dry and chapped lips that all you want to do is whip out a lip balm wherever the hell you are and put it onto your lips like your favorite jam on the bread. But the moment the soothing balm is on your lips, you are gripped by the fear that you shall be prosecuted for using a ‘girlie’ product. So you try to use the lip balm stealthilyeven if it’s just for themoisturizing. Lip balm is just one of those numerous stigmatized things in India. But chapped and bleeding lips is a problem men face too. Here’s how to use a lip balm without feeling as if you are acting like a girl.

  1. Use the right lip balm the right way

Sometimes the only option you’re left with to treat your flaky lips is a lip balm. But you get cornered for applying simply because you carelessly apply a pigmented lip balm on your lips. So first, stay away from pigments.

  • Go for one with a transparent finish without any strong fragrances. Choose peppermint over strawberry. Go for nude colour lip balms. And make sure you apply just a thin, edgy coat. That’s it, you are sorted.

2. Moisturize your lips in the night

Don’t worry about your partner’s thought on this. She would most likely be glad to see you taking care of yourself so well. And anyway, if you seal her with an amazing kiss with your smoother lips, she wouldn’t mind your night-time lip moisturizing.

  •  Make it a habit of moisturizing your lips before going to bed. This will eventually make your lips softer, reducing the need to re-apply a balm frequently during the day. You can use Vitamin E oil or a shea butter.

3. Be nice to your lips

Stop licking. It increases the cracking, and don’t think of biting or picking your lips ever again because it removes the protective top layer and causes dryness.

  • Drink plenty of water, always. This will hydrate your skin and keep your lips from chapping. Whether or not your lips are chapped, go on with the water drinking habit because water will prevent the cracks in future or help in thequick recovery of chapped lips.

4. Stay away from some food

  • While you can be trying one of the above ways to deal with your chapped lips, you should also take a pass on eating hot, spicy foodsand a few citrus fruits like orange. Eating them will not only cause a burning sensation on your lips but will also dry them further making it hard for you to get a quick healing. Typically, if properly taken care of, the healing is almost done in 1-3 days. It’s not so hard to stay away from the listed for 3 days, is it?

Who likes flaky lips? But who likes to be called ‘girlie’ either? You would ask. Fair enough, some of these tricks would help you balance out the issue of applying lip balm. The dividends are many, like always having kiss-able lips.

For more practical men’s grooming doses, watch this space.