The perfect tips to shave in a hurry

September 5, 2016 |

No one can deny the fact – as all of us have been in this situation where a party invitation pops up at the last minute and you feel all messed up because of the fuzz of hairs on the body. A lot of you think that shaving takes enormous time and effort. Other methods are really not an option at this particular time. Thus, what exactly needs to be done to get that perfect shave?

Don’t worry because shaving can be done even if you are running short of time. Here are some amazing tips that can help you make you look your best.

Razors should be fresh and sharp:

Make sure that in this particular situation the razor you will be using is fresh and pointy. A dull and dirty razor can cause razor burns, which you surely don’t need at this time.

Razors from   are curved which makes the blade to glide across your skin seamlessly. LetsShave razors also have a moisturizing strip that protects and soothes the skin while shaving. It is of utmost importance to choose a razor that comes with a lubricating strip. Dry shaving is not recommended, so make sure you carry a water bottle along with you if you think you will be shaving outside the car.

  • Shave only the visible part:

In this situation where you need to remove hairs urgently, only shave the visible parts. For instance, if you are wearing a dress till knees then shave only up to the knees. This will help in minimizing the risk.

Steps you can take while you have a little time at home for shaving:

  • Hot water to the rescue:

The best an ideal way to shave is after a nice refreshing shower. The hot water opens up the pore which helps in mastering closer shave. In case where you don’t have much time for a full shower, what you can do is fill the tub with an inch of hot water. Keep your legs in the hot water so that your pores starts to open up the before and you can get started with shaving immediately.

  • Using oils:

Shaving foams are great but when you are short of time opt for using oils. Natural oil helps in combating the dry skin. Coconut oil is one of the best when it comes to shaving. When in a rush, rub some oil over the area which you want to shave and get started with the razor. Not only will it give smooth shave but also moisturize and lubricate the skin as you shave. Make sure you clean your razor when you have time as oil can make the razor dull or dirty really soon.

  • Not skipping on post-shave:

Shaving in a hurry can lead to various side-effects like razor burns. This is the reason that shaving in a hurry is not recommended. Even though the time is a constraint here, you can carry out a quick post shave routine to prevent from any sorts of shaving problems. Use a post-shave lotion or cream that can sooth the skin and prevent from irritation. Also giving some extra nourishment to the skin. Opt for a cream that prevents the hair follicles from any sort of red bumps.

Therefore, shaving in a hurry can be tough but can be carried out when you really are in a hurry. Just some right tips and you are good to deal with it.